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Hilary Duff Is Getting Mommy Shamed For Piercing Her Daughter's Ears

Being a celeb in Hollywood is tough, but it's even tougher to be a mommy celeb.

Anything they do surrounding raising their kids will be scrutinized by the mommy shamers of the world.

This even includes piercing their children's ears (!!) as Hilary Duff has controversially just learned.

If you haven't been keeping tabs on Hilary Duff's, then you probably didn't know that the actress has had not one but *two* kiddos.

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She had her first son, Luca, in March 2012 with ex-husband, Mike Comrie.

Then she had her second baby, an adorable eight-month-old girl named Banks.

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Isn't she so adorable??

Duff had Banks with her now-fiancé, singer-songwriter, Matthew Koma.

The pair recently got engaged less than two months ago.

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"He asked me to be his wife," Hilary captioned the sweet pic announcing the news.

Hilary is *so* living that mom life. She often gives fans a glimpse into her parenting world.

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This includes the ups, the downs, and of course, photos of Banks with food all over her face.

Following suit of celebs like Chrissy Teigen, she also gets super real about how she raises her kids.

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So, of course, she wasn't afraid to be straightforward when she posted this next image on Instagram stories.

It's of adorable baby Banks rocking banana pjs like it's no one's business.

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And, oh, yeah, as Hilary casually dropped it in there: she got her ears pierced, too.


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They didn't hold back.

They used this sweet black-and-white photo of mommy and daughter to forge their attack.

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It sparked a huge debate in the comments section.

One person couldn't believe that Duff would have "pain inflicted" on her daughter.

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Another user even said that what Hilary did was "child abuse."

Some unfollowed.

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Hilary has over 12 million followers; we think she'll be okay.

Thankfully, tons of fans rushed to Hilary's defence as well.

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They helped rally again "keyboard warriors" who were saying stuff like:

"Just wondering how she gave you consent to pierce her ears? Unfollowing."

One person even brought circumcision into it — in Hilary's defence.

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Fair point, tho.

Some people used their own testimonials to prove how getting their ears pierced young actually helped them later in life.

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It wasn't the "traumatic experience" that the mommy shamers were making it out to be.

The topic of vaccination also came up.

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We were waiting for this!

Thankfully, this comment was in defense of Hilary.

Although, it did spark a whole other debate.

And finally, this fan summed it up well: she trusts that Hilary knows what she is doing.

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This isn't Hilary's first rodeo with raising a child.

More importantly, it's her children and her life.

While Hilary has yet to comment on the controversy, we hope she's shaking it off.

She's got more important things to do anyway, like taking care of her adorable kiddos and planning a beautiful wedding.