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Headless Floaties Are Here To Keep Your Summer Pool Parties Weird

Inflatable pool floats used to serve a real function. As children, we used them to, well, stay afloat in the water. They always came in the cutest designs, like turtles or dolphins. In the last few years, thanks to the ~ aesthetic ~ aesthetic of Instagram photos, massive pool floats made a massive comeback in the form of giant donuts, unicorns, flamingos, and many more.

One artist is putting his disturbing spin on these trendy pool accessories by decapitating them.

You may get some heads turning as you float by beach-goers during your summer vacation.

Lukas Bentel

Queens-based designer Lukas Bentel is the artist behind these shocking pool floats.

In his collection, he includes a few classic inflatable pool float characters.

Lukas Bentel

He obviously had to include the ever-popular unicorn and flamingo inflatable pool float characters.

Lukas somehow manages to make these decapitated magical animals so cute. I'm even disturbed with myself for saying that.

Lukas Bentel

The tagline on his site kind of creepily reads, "Decapitation is never pretty. Let’s decapitate pretty."

The unicorn and flamingo are unreleased, but you have the chance to purchase one of his eerie floaties.

His decapitated swan float is available for a limited time for $79.

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If you want to add a little shock and horror to your next pool party, you can purchase it from the website, or check out his unreleased characters on his personal website!