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People Are Rocking Pierced Manicures Because Why NOT

Whether or not you want to accept it, nail piercings are a real thing. The trend dates back to Janet Jackson in Busta Rhymes' "Who's It Gonna Be?!" music video, in which the singer sports long black nails with a giant hoop on each finger nail. Then Kim Kardashian showed off her long silvery nails in a 2017 Snapchat video with double gold hoops on each nail.

Some fashionistas are refusing to let go of the nail accessory, because it's still going strong in 2019.

We can probably thank runway fashion designers for the continuation of this trend.

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This manicure is thanks to designer Bodil Ouedraogo, who had one of her models sport the embellished nails for the runway.

Many are choosing to add just a hint of piercing.

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These ones are just smol guys.

And honestly, kind of cute?????

Is it going too far?

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People are straight up just putting charms on their nails now.

I mean, without phone charm slots on phones, what are we supposed to do with our old flip phone charms?

What do you think?

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Do you think you will give this trend a try at your next manicure appointment or are you throwing it in the fashion vault?

Let us know!