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12+ Pinterest Beauty Fails That Prove There Are Some Things You Shouldn't DIY

I'm always impressed by people who are able to create flawless hair and makeup because that seems to give me the most trouble. I've checked out countless Pinterest ideas with step by step instructions only to fall short almost every time.

And surprisingly, I'm not alone. These epic beauty fails show that some of us really do need to rely on the pros.

1. Messy Bun


I always love it when everyone says just put your hair in a messy bun and voila. Yeah, right! If you're trying that on long hair, good luck.

2. Plaid Nails

Craft Fail

Wow, I've never seen such cute plaid design on actual nails. But it seems like it's way harder to recreate than it looks. Ha, ha, ha!

3. Leopard Eye Shadow


Leopard print everything is all the rage. But I've never seen it applied as eyeshadow. That looks incredible. Although, nailing it is another story.

4. Contouring


Why do they make contouring seem like it's child's play? I mean, it doesn't even make sense to me. LOL! I'm not even attempting this one. No way.

5. Smoky Eye Tutorial


Well, I have to say this started out quite right and then it just took a turn for the worse. That's more like me, lol.

6. Mermaid Eyes


Getting these mermaid eyes to look so stunning takes quite a lot of skill as we can see. Maybe you should reconsider attempting this DIY after all.

7. Braided Curls


Pinterest tutorials are always telling you it's super easy to get those braided curls, but in reality, doing it yourself can be a huge undertaking.

8. Pop Art Makeup


How gorgeous is this pop art makeup? It's so unique and interesting. But seriously, I would get a professional to do it for me.

9. Sprinkles Lips


I've seen this idea of sprinkles lips all over Pinterest and it still baffles me because when I do it, it turns out like this!

10. Dipped Nail Art


Wow, these nails look so cool. I really want to do this myself. On second thought, perhaps I shouldn't. The DIY version looks scary.

11. Braided Up-Do

Craft Fail

Speaking of braids, I wouldn't even attempt this braided up-do because, to be honest, this looks way too complicated for me. Would you do it?

12. Cling Wrap Nails


So, apparently, you can create this super cute nail pattern using cling wrap. Turns out, it can end up looking like a bloody bad mess.

13. Wavy Ways


Ladies, don't get tricked by fancy-looking updos that will seemingly create perfectly loose and wavy hair because you may end up with a frizzy mess instead.

14. Channeling Your Inner Gremlin


I'm not sure if this girl was actually going for it or not but I think she's totally channeling the fancy female Gremlin.

15. Matte Finish


It seemed so easy when looking at those Pinterest photos of how to create that perfect matte finish on your nails. Not so much in reality.

16. Date Night Curls


Don't you just love those perfectly tossed, sexy, run-your-hands-through, date-night-ready curls you see on Pinterest? Why don't they ever turn out how you imagined them?

17. Avant-Garde Gone Awry


Ladies, don't you go thinking you can easily recreate that wild and crazy avant-garde look you saw online because this takes some major skills.

18. Lost In The Forest


How interesting is this forest-themed nail art that would have looked so fun on anyone's nails, but sadly failed to impress here?

19. All That Glitters


I remember when I was obsessed with glitter eye shadow that I wanted to wear it all the time. Thank goodness that trend has passed.

20. Heart-Shaped Braid


I'm such a fan of braids, especially in the summer. It's such a simple look to keep your hair tidy but not always easy to pull off.

21. Smoky Eye

Am I the only one who seems to always screw up the smoky eye look? When I do it, it looks more like raccoon eyes than anything.

22. Perfect Braid

Instagram | @thecrystalblair

I definitely feel this girl's pain because doing my own braid is so hard!!! I'm going through this very thing now since the weather got hot. Ugh.

Ha, ha, ha, I'm secretly laughing here because I feel the pain of all these people trying to do their own beauty DIYs and failing miserably.

Better luck next time.