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10+ Tweets About Pregnancy That Will Make You Laugh Through Labor

Every mom knows that pregnancy is no laughing matter. It's nine months of hormones, heartburn, and crazy cravings.

However, if you're currently expecting or already a mom, you might get a chuckle or two from these tweets by pregnant moms. They know that the struggle is real, and also kind of hilarious.

Donuts trump everything else.

Twitter l @foreverjoanna

Who wants to lug in groceries and other crap when we could sit in our car, with the air conditioning on, listening to Spotify and eating donuts we literally just bought at the store?

Pregnancy is basically bootcamp.

Twitter l @DragonNdistress

Our bodies before baby were definitely something completely and utterly different than they are while we're carrying human life. We may have run marathons in the past, but now, can barely get to the bathroom.

Exercise has a new definition when you're pregnant.

Twitter l @rainbowbrewster

I bent over today and was able to get that pinky toe in the picture, too, doc. That's a full set of cardio in my book, especially with an eight-pound baby sitting on my ribcage.

When the emotions take control.

Twitter l @Colee_saysz

Emotional monsters, that's what we are. From the moment we find out the news, to the day our baby is born, and thereafter — we cry at just about anything and everything.

The never-ending bathroom trips.

Twitter l @AvelynAngela

Peeing 10-15 times a day? You bet we do. How can we stop when our babies know exactly all the right spots to hit? Sigh.

Curse you, McDonald's!

Twitter l @Gabrielalalaaa_

McDonald's does a lot of things really well (like french fries), but needs to get their stuff together with this ice cream machine. Don't come between us and our McFlurrys.

The cravings are real.

Twitter l @toriorto

Our cravings? They are all over the place. I'll go from fruit to chips and dip and back again to chocolate in .5 seconds. And, I like my Doritos in cream cheese.

I call it "second dinner".

Twitter l @rachielpisme

Anything is dessert if you eat it right after dinner, am I right mommas?

Here come the waterworks.

Twitter l @DubsKenzie

Sounds like me whenever I leave the house, but, some of us cry just a little bit more when our hormones are at an all-time high.

This actually happens a lot.

Twitter l @jparker856

Talk about uncomfortable — we can't really get up without a little bit of help from our partners.

Yes, babies can hiccup in the womb.

Twitter l @kassybondy

Obviously, it's time to put our demands up front for our kids, even when they're in the womb. Get it together, kid!

You kind of start resenting your husband.

Twitter l @VeronicaBowles

How can we still love someone who sleeps while we are up with an infant kicking us in the belly 10-15 times a night? Wake up and listen to me complain!

Only time will tell...

Twitter l @samantha_d_love

Don't believe everything you read — but, if you do give birth to Sasquatch, I am very sorry for you. Also, bring a barber to the hospital with you.

Dreaming of sushi.

Twitter l @JamieM88

The limits on our meals — we cannot sit and wait until we can have cold cuts and sushi again. I will dream of Spicy Tuna rolls until my baby pops right out.

Here's one way to stop the cravings.

Twitter l @mamerwin

Clearly, this man knows that us mommas cannot hit the floor, nor are we getting out of bed or off of the couch to go and reach the Oreos. Goodbye, cookies.

We need all the sauces.


The sauces are like half the meal. Honestly, one minute you're craving something spicy and then you have to wash it down with honey dijon.

Given the choice between standing or sitting, sitting will win every time.

Twitter | @PregnantMess

Especially if you get to watch your pizza bake while you sit. Mmmmm...

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