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10+ Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up What It's Truly Like To Raise Toddlers

Raising kids is never easy. We think we have it rough when our babies are newborns and need to be fed in the middle of the night, but, when they start walking and talking —that's when we're truly in trouble. Raising toddlers is honestly a one-of-a-kind experience and if we can't laugh about it, we'll end up hiding in a closet to get away from their antics.

Being the "mean" parent

Twitter l @jerkface_jones

All toddlers think that the minute you say "no," you're a big ol' meanie face — even if their requests are truly out there...l ike shoving their hands in the water you're drinking, or in the toilet.

When you get into their shows

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Every toddler parent knows that watching the same show over and over again becomes a habit. So, when our favorite episodes come on, we're down for the count with our kiddos.

The hard truths about life

Twitter l @carlton_roach

Remember: toddlers always cry for absolutely no reason over things that cannot be helped, fixed, nor changed. We might as well just get used to it now while we still can.

Most relatable complaint of the day

Twitter l @Kim_Jones92

Even when they're complaining about ridiculous things, sometimes those things happen to be our deepest desires, too. I mean, who doesn't want to be naked all of the time?

The game that NEVER ends

Twitter l @ShoesNCrowns

Toddlers get hooked really quickly, so once you start a game, prepare to be roped into playing it over and over and over again until you're sick and tired of it. Basically, forever.

Toddler logic in a nutshell

Twitter l @KristenSaxton

Things sometimes are just so random and creative, you want to be mad but you can't help but laugh at the responses your toddler gives you — too funny.

Fact: toddlers are kind of gross

Twitter l @AnaSofia013

What you think is love is most likely just a cry for dirty nose wiping, food covered mouth droppings, or anything else that leaves you looking like a hot mess.

Potty training 101

Twitter l @ellivivre

Changing diapers is rough, but you try potty training a toddler and realize how crazy it is to say some of the toilet comments out loud to an audience who is trying to learn.

The bright side of no sleep

Twitter l @toddlernado

While sleepless nights can seem like they are a burden, the humor of tired toddlers totally makes up for it. How about all of the funny names and sayings they come up with on their own?

Oh, the joys of potty training

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Be careful to pay attention to everything your toddler says, you never know when you're going to catch an important detail of information... like that they've peed on your toothbrush.

How to get the ideal mom or dad bod for summer

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Once you know that your toddler has maybe done something wrong, you run like the wind and faster than the speed of light — so much so it should count as cardio.

When they turn the tables on you.

Twitter l @BunAndLeggings

The little tricks you play on your kids end up coming back to bite you in the a** because eventually, they will turn around and try and use these things against you when you least expect it.

The struggle is real

Twitter l @TheCatWhisperer

The little things in life, like putting on pants, tend to be the hardest things to do. Forget getting your socks on — or gloves — everything is just a big ol' mess.

This is too real

Twitter l @Six_Pack_Mom

Let people make you feel bad about not working out and getting your marathon on, but being a parent to a toddler is a marathon within itself.

Seriously, it is the worst

Twitter l @thedad

Lucky for you, most toddlers take the phone and lick it—or, they hang up on you immediately so you don't have a chance to suffer.

Toddler inventions can be genius

Twitter l @bottomofmypurse

At the end of the day, toddlers may be a handful, but sometimes they come up with some of the most hilariously innovative inventions out of everyday items — and always make us laugh.

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