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A YouTuber's Lip Fillers Killed Her Blood Cells And The Images Are Alarming

More and more people are turning to dermal fillers to enhance their features for Instagram-worthy and photo-ready faces. We can thank social media celebrities like Kylie Jenner for making a plump full lip an addition to Western beauty standards.

Lip fillers are especially popular amongst beauty influencers, who have made full lips part of their work uniform in order to perfectly display lipstick shades or to just pull the whole look together. But one beauty influencer had a pretty terrifying complication during her last lip filler visit and she wants everyone to know so it doesn't happen to them.

Jordi is a beauty influencer who has a large following on both her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

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She creates amazing makeup looks on her Instagram and stunning tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Like many beauty influencers, she is no stranger to getting lip fillers to plump her lips and make them look fuller.

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, lip augmentation procedures have seen a 66% increase from 2000 to 2018.

It is also not uncommon for beauty YouTubers to openly discuss their procedures and take their viewers along for the ride.

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For many beauty-related social media influencers, plump lips have become a major beauty standard.

However, like other medical procedures, complications can arise.

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Mostly swelling and bruising can occur, but there are rare occasions where complications can be more serious.

In a recent YouTube video, Jordi opened up about an awful side effect of lip fillers that she experienced firsthand.

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In early June, she went in for another round of Juvederm Ultra hyaluronic acid fillers.

She expressed that this round hurt, but that it always hurts, so she didn't think much of it and went about her day.

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And when Jordi gets fillers, it is normal for it to hurt and for her to experience bruising and swelling.

She has a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, so her blood vessels are weaker than normal.

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Ehlers–Danlos syndrome affects connective tissues that support many functions of the human body, including blood vessels.

Despite her having had lip injections before, the pain grew more intense over the next few days.

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Her lips also felt extremely swollen and firm — they didn't didn't feel right.

She also noticed her bruising was looking a bit more odd — it was running up to her nose.

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She thought it was odd, but brushed it off, thinking the nurse must have just hit something weird.

The next day, she just had a bad feeling about the injections — they just really didn't feel right.

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Her mom told her to call the medical office where she had the procedure done and get their opinion, and it's a good thing she did.

They told Jordi that an artery had actually been injected with filler, which means that the blood supply surrounding the tissue had been blocked.

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The nurses immediately noticed a few white dots on her lip that we of concern.

They told Jordi that she had the beginning stages of necrosis.

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Necrosis is essentially cell death.

Jordi immediately hopped in her car and drove an hour to the clinic to start getting her fillers dissolved.

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And this procedure was no walk in the park. She had to get the dissolver injected without numbing multiple times until the filler was completely dissolved.

After that, she had to send progress photos to the nurses every day.

The nurses told Jordi that not only would the dissolver remove the filler, but it would also destroy some of her natural hyaluronic acid.

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This was pretty upsetting for Jordi, and she expressed that she had a hard time coming to terms with that information and her new appearance.

This is what her lips looked like the next day after all the trauma.

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Jordi then had to drive an hour to the clinic and back every day for five days for daily check ups.

On top of getting dissolver injected into the same spot every day, she had to take antibiotics and apply an antibiotic cream to avoid further infection.

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Although injection necrosis is rare, Jordi's story goes to show how serious a complication it can potentially turn if not treated immediately or appropriately.

She is grateful to the medical team that took care of her, and was lucky that she caught it in time.

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If she hadn't, she may have had to get tissue cut out of her lip.

She made the video to show what happened to her and make sure people who want to get lip fillers do their research and are informed as much as possible.

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This medical scare isn't going to stop her from getting more lip fillers in the future, although she says she is going to try a different method to avoid another mishap.

Many of her subscribers are thankful she shared her story and commended her for opening up about it.

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"I didn't know that could happen, thank you for informing us!," one person wrote.

Others are also beginning to second guess getting filler done themselves, or at least taking more time to think about getting it done.

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