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Influencer Proudly Flaunts Belly In Body Positivity Post And Everyone Is Here For It

Women just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to beauty standards. One minute, thin is in, and the next, we place thick hips and booties on a pedestal. However, there is one beauty standard that has remained throughout all of the beauty standard changes, and that is a flat stomach.

As someone who has never been able to achieve a flat stomach, it can be hard to accept that this is just part of our biology when we constantly see the aforementioned bodies strewn throughout Instagram posts and mainstream media.

One influencer who is fed up feeling bad about her body is helping change rhetoric surrounding beauty standards in her latest Instagram post.

Meet beauty influencer Lonyea Rutherford.

Instagram | @lonyeamaiden

Lonyea creates stunning makeup looks and shows off her fashion style in her Instagram posts and YouTube videos.

In a recent post, Lonyea confidently posed in a bodycon dress and expressed how her attitude about her body has changed.

Instagram | @lonyeamaiden

She wrote, "I think back to a year ago, shoot even a month ago when I would’ve NEVER EVER been caught out in this dress...."

"Why?! Lack of confidence in conjunction with so many people telling me to lose weight or asking if I was pregnant..."

Instagram | @lonyeamaiden

"Shout out to my husband and manager Kim for telling me to GET OUT OF MY BEAUTY ROOM & enjoy my body!"

Many Instagram users commented in support of Lanyea's post and shared their own stories about body confidence acceptance and struggles.

Instagram | @lonyeamaiden

By confidently displaying a body that many of us have and don't see in mainstream media, it is clear that Lanyea is helping to perpetuate body confidence and show that women of all body types can wear whatever they want and completely own it.

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