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12+ Moms Reveal The Silliest Things They Cried Over During Pregnancy

Pregnant mommas know that one thing is for sure when it comes to pregnancy — the hormones are real. We get overly emotional on a whim about the smallest things and most of the time, we cannot control ourselves. Tears, they come without us even expecting them or trying. Recently, moms online began sharing the silliest and most ridiculous reasons they cried during pregnancy and it's so relatable.

When the cravings are strong.

Facebook | Kra Montague

Crying over mozzarella sticks seems like a silly moment but in the end, how would you feel if you were expecting 8 mozzarella sticks and you only got 2? My heart would be broken.

This... odd... defrosting technique.

Facebook | Jay Bryant

Honestly, this takes the cake on the silly front. Can you imagine a pregnant momma running across the house naked to bring frozen sausage into the shower? Hilarious.

Seriously, the cravings are no joke.

Facebook | Dorcia Brathwaite

Dreaming about food happens to many of us, but when a pregnant woman dreams about food and then drives all the way to get that food and realizes it's not there... oh man.

Stairs are the enemy.

Facebook | Kim Danforth

No one wants to make two trips up and down the stairs for ice cream and cookies, that's totally a reason to cry like a baby. We want to eat, not to work out.

Tears of joy (I think).

Facebook | Monica Boehringer

Saying goodbye may be easy when you're getting some time apart from your kids, but then knowing you are an emotional roller coaster right now, makes it messy.

Ice cream problems.

Facebook | Cassie O'Sullivan

Obviously, six different flavors of ice cream do not matter if you're looking for a very specific one. Who cares about vanilla if you just want some rocky road?!?

Never take a pregnant woman's Sunny D.

Facebook | Jen Miller

No one drinks a momma's Sunny D, especially when you're juicing out here for two. But I'd definitely never live this down if I cried over someone drinking my juice.

Some moms need to clean.

Facebook | Adrianna Jaber

When you get up to clean while you have a big ol' belly stuck to you, obviously it will bother you when someone walks right over your hard vacuumed floors.

What's with all these food dreams?

Facebook | Alberta Gibbons

Hot wings are something that everyone needs in their life, pregnant or not. When you can't get them in the middle of the night, I would cry too.

Even kids movies will get to you.


Kids movies may seem funny when we're without baby, but once we are hormonal messes, the little small moments that touch kids in movies touch us too.

Blame the dog.

Facebook | Caitlyn Garcia

If my dog stepped on my burrito that I was looking forward to all day, I would 100% cry, and I'm not pregnant at all. So, not so silly Momma.

No slushies for this mama.

Facebook | Cristina Perez Brunelle

WaWa is the home of everything delicious and great, but driving all the way there is a burden. When a machine at WaWa is down — it's the absolute worst. Seriously, the worst.

C'mon, Dad. You have to share.

Facebook | Jissela Alvarado

Seeing someone else with a full plate of food while you already finished all of your food and know that there is no food left for you to eat — it's a sad, sad moment.

It's just an emotional time.


Some of us know what we want when we want it, and when people don't give it to us, we cry for days over it. Even if it's a vanilla/Dorito cake (gross).

The McGriddle comes first.


Personal hygiene is not as important as getting us mommas an egg McGriddle from McDonald's. Lord knows no one comes between me and my breakfast sandwiches.

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