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Pool Float Designed Especially For Baby Bumps Will Make Summer Pregnancy A Breeze

Every pregnant momma knows that the hardest time to relax and get comfortable is during the summer. While we all enjoy and love the feeling of carrying life inside of us, the heat and the humidity, combined with our swollen tummies, definitely don't mix well for anyone.

No one wants to be hot and bothered while pregnant.

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Pregnancy during the summer always leaves many ladies feeling overwhelmed. While many soon-to-be mommas enjoy showing off their belly, the heat makes it almost impossible to cool off in the pool and lounge.

Pool floats aren't the most sturdy for expecting moms.

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Trying to balance on a pool float is hard for anyone normally. But with a big belly on top, it's nearly impossible. Some moms want to cool off and float along in the pool lazily but know that they'll tip right over like a canoe.

What's a pregnant momma to do when she wants to beat the heat?

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Obviously, expecting mothers have been needing a bit of love in the summer pool department. And, for so long, we've been neglected in the marketing game. But now, one company is giving us what we've always needed.

Cozy Bump has designed a special pool float just for expecting mothers.

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The company created an inflatable mattress that can be used both in and out of the pool just for expecting mothers. The "float" features a hole for your belly so you can lay right on your chest and still float around in style and comfort.

The float also features some supportive add-ons for moms.

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According to the company, the float features a hip raiser and leg decline, so your body can be the most comfortable at all times, in any position you choose to lay.

But, it's not just for the pool.

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Some moms choose to use the mattress inside, as a supportive way to relax and lounge around the house, too. With the belly bump section, it makes laying on your belly while on the computer or reading a book super simple.

Some moms even use the float for yoga.

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Doing some of those downward facing positions with a baby bump cannot be easy, so using the belly insert to perfect your yoga poses seems like a genius idea!

The float comes in two colors.

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From bright, beautiful pink to a lovely, cozy purple, both of the Cozy Bump pillows are easy to store, use, and totally carry with you to your family's pool party this summer.

Not to mention, it's only $74.99.

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If you're an Amazon Prime member, the Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow retails online for only $74.99 and there's free shipping included with your Prime Membership — win-win.

Pregnant moms online cannot stop raving about their Cozy Bump pillows.

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One Amazon user reviewed it saying: "I was torn on if I should get a body pillow or the Cozy Bump. After lying on my sides every night, my ribs started to hurt along with my hips. So I decided to give the Cozy Bump a shot. It’s worth every penny because now I can still lie on my sides and If I want to I can lay in my stomach (hello massage from the hubby). And as far as my hip and back pain goes, while I was laying on it I can feel my hips and back relax and relieved of the pressure."

There are a lot of happy moms out there.

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Another said: "This pillow was a life saver! I had abdominal surgery early on in my pregnancy and suffered from horrible incision pain that would radiate to my back throughout my pregnancy- this pillow really helped a lot to relieve the pain. Highly recommend this to anyone suffering from back or abdominal pain during pregnancy."

Clearly, the Cozy Bump pillow is not just for relaxing in the pool, but can help pregnant moms relieve some aches and pains throughout pregnancy, too.

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Whether you purchase the Cozy Bump pillow for lounging in the pool or at home, it's clear to see the supportive design was created with all pregnant mothers in mind. What more can you ask for from a company? Definitely a must-have.