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Beth Chapman Dies At 51-Years-Old

Beth Chapman, the wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman, and who had starred on Dog The Bounty Hunter, has died, her husband confirmed.

Duane Chapman confirmed the sad news that his wife, Beth, had passed away at 51-years-old.

Beth was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in 2017.

Their daughter, Bonnie, has also tweeted, remembering her mother.

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Beth was cancer-free in December of 2017, but it had returned last November.

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She announced in May of this year that she had stopped chemo treatments.

“Chemotherapy is not my bag, people,” she said.

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“Sorry, that’s not for me. So for me, this is the ultimate test of faith. This is my ultimate lesson.”

Three days ago, it was reported that Beth was placed in a medically induced coma.

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The Independent reported that Beth was admitted to the intensive care unit at Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii.

On June 23rd, Duane tweeted, asking fans for prayers for Beth.

Details were limited on Beth's condition.

But Duane appeared to be in good spirits as he shared a photo of Beth's iconic nails.

Rumors on Beth's condition started to spread, and Duane took to Twitter just last night to address them.

He explained that a lot of fake news was being spread, and reported that WGN America would release an accurate update soon, although they never did.

Beth was a regular on "Dog the Bounty Hunter", which aired for 8 seasons.

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The show first aired all the way back in 2004, and ran until 2012.

Duane's newest show, "Dog's Most Wanted", will premiere in 2020

We know that Beth will be featured on the show, but to what extend remains unknown.

There's no doubt that a lot of us will be tuning in to see how they honor Beth, as the show was such an integral part to her life.

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RIP, Beth.