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The Mullet Is Making A Fierce Modern Comeback And It's Giving The '80s The Recognition It Deserves

When you think about it, it's wild how many hairstyle trends women have taken part of over the centuries. I mean, this goes way back, even before the Victorian period.

But I've got to say, the late 20th Century and early 21st Century is home to a host of wild hairstyles. From heavily gelled punk rock mohawks, to crimped hair, to mullets, we've really been through it.

The evolution of wacky hairstyles continues its saga with this modern spin on the hairstyle that marked the '80s: the mullet.

Mullets get a bad rap — people are just so quick to hate on them.

Zendaya rocked a mullet for the 2016 Grammy's, and the look got a lot of people talking, that's for sure.

You've got to commend the gal for bringing attention back to the mullet and showing that women can rock it too if they want.

Women are fiercely rocking the mullet with confidence, and honestly, I'm here for it.

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Why is this ombré medium length mullet making me want to head to the hair salon right now?

This woman seriously pulls it off so well!

It doesn't have to be plain and boring.

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Check out all the intricate layers and colors of this longer mullet style. Even her bangs are double-layered!

I'm actually in love with this.

How about an "around the world" mullet, as I am coining it?

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If you want to give it a try to just see what it's like (because why not?), just chop your hair into a bob and add some extensions all around your head underneath the cut.

Let's start a mullet revolution! Who's with me?!

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