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These Crochet Sandals Are The Summer Accessory We Didn't Know We Needed

Now that summer has arrived, it's time to think about what we're going to wear. As the temperature rises, our shorts, dresses, tanks, and flip flops come out of hiding from our closets. But, sometimes we need to vamp up and repurpose our old summer wardrobe to keep it fresh.

One mom on Instagram really knows how to add some spice to our summer life with her adorable crochet flip flops.

Melissa Moore is the crafty mom responsible for these summery flip flops.

Instagram | @craftykittycrochet

She takes boring flip flops and adds life to them with her summer-inspired crochet DIY designs.

Melissa knows what everyone loves, and that obviously includes pizza.

Instagram | @craftykittycrochet

I bet you could crochet your favorite toppings into the design! Would you be daring enough to put some pineapple on there?

And, of course, a summer fashion statement wouldn't be complete without a mermaid design.

Instagram | @craftykittycrochet

She offers tons of tutorials on her website so you can make some of your own crochet flip flops.

Watermelon is definitely the fruit of the summer.

Instagram | @craftykittycrochet

It's super colorful, tastes great, and also keeps you hydrated. What more could you ask for in a refreshing fruit?

Make sure you check out all of Melissa's designs here!