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Kim Kardashian Is Smarter Than Albert Einstein And You Need To Get Over It

Hello, everyone. In this essay, I will be backing up my seemingly outlandish title with FACTS, sweetie. Let's face it, Mr. Einstein needs to take a step back as the genius of the world, okay? His time has past. It's gone.

Bro didn't even have an Instagram account.

According to Google, Albert Einstein is the reason I stayed up late in high school trying to learn science — mainly, E=MC2. This formula foreshadowed the development of the atomic bomb which is truly WILD.

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BUT, did Mr. Einstein star in a hit reality television show about essentially nothing for 16 seasons?

Did Mr. Einstein develop body foundation in a diverse color range?

No, didn't think so.

Did Mr. Einstein ever boldly announce he was taking the bar and becoming a lawyer after *not* attending college?

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Sure, Albert Einstein has one of the the most recognizable names on all of planet earth, but Kim literally made herself and her family a multi-billion dollar brand.

Kim Kardashian is to pop culture what Albert Einstein is to science. Except Kim took pop culture and elevated it to a whole different level and therefore, she's a genius.