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Jessica Simpson's Photo Has People Commenting On Her Daughter's 'Choke Hold'

If you have a sibling, then you know how real sibling rivalries are. They are just simply unavoidable, even if your parents are celebrities.

When Jessica Simpson shared a pic of her two oldest children, people couldn't help but notice that something was going on with their pose.

In case you didn't know, Jessica Simpson is a mom to three children.

A lot of the focus has been on her youngest daughter, Birdie, who Jess gave birth to earlier this year. Jessica also has a seven-year-old daughter named Maxwell and a five-year-old son named Ace.

Obviously, Maxwell and Ace are more than siblings.

They are basically BFFs! Jess shares a ton of cute photos of these two (who also happen to be extremely photogenic).

Maxwell and Ace are seriously living their best sibling life.

I'm sure they will have a ton of fond memories from their childhood when they're older. There really isn't any bond more special than the one between a sister and brother.

However, Jessica's followers couldn't help but notice something in the most recent photo she shared of these two.

It looks just like a normal photo of the two kids playing outside and enjoying their summer vacation.

People commented and joked about Maxwell's "choke hold" on her brother.

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If you have a sibling, then this pose is likely familiar to you. It's a loving choke hold though, right? Right??

Another Instagram user commented that Maxwell looks "ready to snap his neck".

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I think these comments and the photo were all in good fun. It's just a funny, candid shot of two siblings.

Another user pointed out that Maxwell was holding Ace's chin.

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Oh! This actually makes a lot of sense. I think Maxwell was probably trying to direct her brother's face towards the camera.

Clearly, there's no sibling rivalry between these two.

Well, I mean, they are siblings. So, there's probably some fighting, but we won't find any evidence of that in Jessica's pics.