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Woman Claims She Knows What's In The Afterlife After Dying For 27 Minutes

Most of us are probably only familiar with near-death experiences as they're portrayed in soap operas and medical dramas. And why shouldn't they be grist for TV writers? I mean, near-death experiences are fascinating!

What lies beyond after death is the one secret none of us can really know until we've actually been there and seen it for ourselves.

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But one woman who had a miraculous recovery is pretty sure she knows.

In February 2018, Tina Hines's life changed forever: it ended. And then it started again.

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Tina and her husband, Brian, were preparing to head out on a hike when she collapsed. As Brian recalls, he immediately knew it was bad. "Her eyes didn't close, and they were rolled back in her head. She was purple and not making any noise or breathing," he told AZFamily.

Tina's previously healthy heart had stopped.

Brian didn't waste any time, starting CPR.

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Incredibly, he managed to get her heart beating again, only to have it stop once more before paramedics arrived to take over. They brought her back, and again, her heart stopped. Between CPR and defibrillations, at the house and in the ambulance, she was brought back five times.

That day, Tina spent a total of 27 minutes dead.

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"We ended up shocking her three times on scene and two en route," said one of the responders. "I've never shocked anyone fives times."

But it worked.

"It's one of those calls that none of us will ever forget," said another responder. "I was a witness to a miracle is the way I look at it."

According to Tina, he's on the money there.

When Tina woke up in the hospital, she had a tube down her throat, preventing her from speaking.

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But she immediately signaled for someone to give her something to write with before the memories faded.

Even writing was hard, but she knew she needed to try.

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With tears welling in her eyes, Tina scrawled as best she could, with the memory of her near-death experience fresh in her mind.

She wrote two simple words: "It's real."

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Everyone in the room asked what she meant was real, and Tina pointed skyward. She meant heaven.

"It was so real, the colors were so vibrant," she later recounted. She says that she can remember seeing gates and a figure she says was Jesus, with a bright yellow glow coming from behind him.

Tina made a full recovery from the incident.

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She now has a pacemaker and a defibrillator to prevent any future cardiac episodes.

And her niece, Madie, commemorated her aunt's near-death experience and subsequent revelation with a special tattoo.

Madie shared the tattoo and story on social media.

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She wrote, "Her story is too real not to share and has given me a stronger confidence in a faith that so often goes unseen. It has given me a tangibleness to an eternal hope that is not too far away."

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