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Rejoice: 'Granny Panties' Are Making A Comeback

Sometimes, old trends make a comeback in the fashion cycle. While some trends should probably stay in the past (I'm looking at you, jelly shoes), there are some that should be welcomed back to the modern era.

"Granny panties," as in that underwear your grandma likely wore and still wears, is back in a huge way. Not only is this trend chic, but it's also so, so comfortable!

For far too long, women have been shamed for wearing so-called "granny panties".

These high-waisted or hip-hugging briefs are usually made out of cotton and sold in packs of six. They have been considered the definition of "un-sexy", even though, truth be told, THEY ARE COMFORTABLE.

These panties even made their mark on pop culture.

Remember when they were the "butt" of the joke (sorry, I had to) in Bridget Jones' Diary?

And it's really not fair when you think about how men can wear boxers or briefs and no one cares.

Oh, so my husband can wear comfortable, breezy boxers and no one bats an eye, but I want full butt coverage and people think I'm crazy? That's a double-standard right there.

Also, granny panties have always been the more affordable option.

Don't ask me how this math adds up, but a pack of granny panties is like, what, $6? Meanwhile, one lacey thong from Victoria's Secret is $12 or more. What?

Obviously, women are free to wear what they want, but I think many would agree that granny panties are much more comfortable than thongs.

After years of being neglected, granny panties are finally having their moment. Brands like Savage x Fenty feature granny panties prominently in their new lingerie line.

Rihanna, the designer behind Fenty, even wore granny panties on the cover of "Esquire U.K".

Rihanna is fully embracing the granny panty trend, especially when it comes to her body-inclusive lingerie line. Yaaaasssss, Riri!

Even Kim Kardashian wore granny panties for her newest campaign for her beauty line.

So besides being super comfy, granny panties can be just as sexy as thongs. Come, on. You're not going to tell me Kim isn't working it here, are you?

In fact, Kim's new SKIMS line has a bunch of granny-inspired pieces.

Not only do they look amazing, but they come in plus-size options, too. Yes!

In conclusion, granny panties rock and definitely didn't deserve all the hate they've received throughout the years.

I'm so glad that people have come to their senses and embraced these practical, yet stylish, panties. Who else is going out right now to stock up on a fresh pack?

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