Moms Everywhere Are Praising Target For Their New Breastfeeding-Friendly Policy

Many new moms know that the one thing they need after giving birth is some time away from home. As much as we love cuddling with our newborn bundle of joy, getting up and out of the house is a total must if we're going to keep our heads on straight. And, what better way to break free than to go shopping?

Every woman knows that shopping is the ultimate form of therapy.

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Whether you're shopping for yourself, your partner, or your new baby, going out and getting some new things is the best way to cheer yourself up when you're overtired, sore, and in need of some smiles.

However, there are days when shopping is a necessity when you're on maternity leave.

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This means you have to bring your newborn along for the ride.

But, it's not always easy to get away from the responsibilities of being a mom.

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There is always the option of taking your baby along for the ride while shopping, but new mothers know that there comes the difficulty of having to feed your baby while out in the store.

For breastfeeding moms, it's hard to find a quiet place to feed your baby while out.

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Many women have no problem breastfeeding when they need to in public.

In fact, it's become a symbol of female empowerment.

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Because breastfeeding is not gross. The people who are uncomfortable by it must forget that's part of what made them healthy adults today.

While breastfeeding is natural and normal for many mothers to do, some mothers feel uncomfortable doing so in public places.

Breastfeeding, while beautiful and moving, still makes many people "uncomfortable."

Everyone is different, and some mothers appreciate some privacy.

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No mother's experience is like another, and it's great to have some options for new mothers to have while out in public.

To combat this, Target is speaking out, supporting breastfeeding moms everywhere.

Target, a favorite store of moms everywhere, has decided to speak out amidst the breastfeeding controversies that have become a topic of conversation for many women across the country.

The company has decided to now implement special places in their stores just for nursing mothers.

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Now, instead of having to feed in the bathroom stall, or take a trip back to the car to feed, moms can visit Target's new "nursing spaces" designed especially for breastfeeding mothers.

Target announced the new space in 2017.

The nursing stations were first introduced in Target stores in 2017 as the company wanted to make new mothers feel as comfortable as possible in their stores, especially when feeding.

Recently, one Texas location went viral online for a sign they have hanging in their store.

Facebook l Breastfeeding Mama Talk

Popular Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk shared the photo of the sign online from the Weatherford location. The sign details that the location has a "nursing room" that nursing mothers can use when feeding in their store.

On top of privacy, the Target also has free goodies for the mothers and their babies.

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The sign describes the location as "a peaceful spot to take a break during your Target Run-and even stocked with some free goodies to make you and baby's time there even sweeter."

Moms online were loving that this Target location would dedicate a section so they can shop in peace with their babies.

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The Facebook post has been shared over 47,000 times and mothers all across the country began to praise Target for their kindness and understanding. Some even shared their own experiences while nursing in Target.

One mom said that when a woman harassed her in the Target foodcourt, the manager asked her to leave.

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Instead of asking the mother to cover up, the Target manager gave the nursing momma a free drink. Obviously, the manager made an effort to let the mother know she was welcome, while nursing, in her store.

One former employee also spoke out about how kind the corporation was after giving birth to her first child.

Facebook l Stephani Brown

Mom Stephani Brown said that while she was nursing her first baby, she was given frequent breaks (that didn't come out of her regular breaks) and was given a private location with some snacks and drinks while she pumped.

Another Facebook user added that even without the "nursing rooms," Target employees make their nursing experience comfortable for new mothers.

Facebook l Mary Catherine Atkins Hardin

It's clear to see that Target really knows how to keep its customers, especially the mothers, happy. And, the company announced they would be adding nursing rooms to more stores across the country as they remodel dozens of Target locations. A win for mommies everywhere!

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