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Trans Model Leyna Bloom Is Breaking Barriers As The Face Of A Lingerie Campaign

One year after starting a campaign to become the first transgender Victoria Secret angel, Leyna Bloom is starring in her very own lingerie ad campaign and SLAYING.

First, meet Leyna Bloom.

She's a model and actress who is also transgender and all around gorgeous.

If her name sounds familiar it's probably because of her viral tweet last year.

In April 2018, Leyna launched a Twitter campaign to become the first trans model of color to walk in a Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Over time, her tweet amassed a staggering 30 thousand retweets and over 100 thousand likes.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to convince the folks at VS to give the model a chance at walking the runway for some pretty ludicrous reasons.

Still, that didn't stop Leyna's shine because her tweet helped to open up some new doors.

Things have been looking up for the model.

She got to open up shows at New York Fashion Week and also became the first trans woman of color to premiere a film at the Cannes Film Festival.

While she may not have snagged her angel wings, she did just get some really great news.

British lingerie brand Playful Promises recently announced that Leyna is the star of their latest ad campaign and she looks stunning!

The campaign Leyna stars in promotes the brand's 15th anniversary collection.

According to their website, it says, "the campaign is inspired by the opulence of the ballroom scene, where Leyna found acceptance and a safe space to be herself while competing with other queer youth."

Leyna says this campaign has a special significance to her.

“As a young black trans woman, the first money I got to invest in my transition was in lingerie,” she told Glamour. "It means a lot to me. It’s like putting on foundation or buying mascara from the local pharmacy. It’s an experience that we cherish. The thing about Playful Promises is that it represents everyone who feels that lingerie brings their femininity to the next level…. That’s what fashion and being part of a fantasy is about.”

"I want to be able to be a presence and I want to be able to inspire. And if I can do that while wearing a two piece lingerie, why not?”

The limited-edition collection officially launches on June 18th.

Everything from bras and panties, to lacy bodysuits, will be available for purchase on the Playful Promises website and prices range between $37 to $70.

Plus, the bras come in 80 different sizes so you know they're really about that diversity and inclusion life with not just their models, but their clothing as well.

Eat your heart out Victoria's Secret.