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Courteney Cox's Daughter Turned 15-Years-Old And Looks Exactly Like Her Dad

Can a famous celeb adopt us, pls?!

Not only do these children of the rich and famous get to live lavish lifestyles—


Like Coco Arquette, they also get to take after their parents in the looks department.

If you didn't know, Coco is the daughter of Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

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Aka Monica Geller from Friends and Dewey Riley from Scream.

The former couple actually first met on the set of the hit horror flick.

They dated for four years before getting hitched in 1999.

During an episode of Friends, the show even sent congratulations to the happy couple during the credits.

It said: "For Courteney and David, who did get married."

David even appeared on an episode of the hit show.


The duo was back on screen again when Arquette guest-starred during a season three episode.

Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel, also had her then-husband, Brad Pitt on the show.

Sadly, the marriage between these two parents later ended.

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The pair called it quits in 2010.

In an interview with radio host Howard Stern, Arquette went in-depth about the raw details of why they ended.

According to him, Courteney didn't want to feel like his mother anymore.

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He also shared that his kooky ways were starting to annoy her.

Despite him begging to not end things, Courteney had had enough.

The good news is they got their sweet Coco out of it!

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Look how cute she was!

Leonardo DiCaprio could be standing next to her and this little thing doesn't have a care in the world.

Coco is 15 now, and despite her famous parents, she's just like any other teenager.

Courteney shared this sweet photo, proving that Coco falls asleep streaming Friends on Netflix just like every other 15 year old on the planet.

Earlier this week, Cox posted a modern twist on a throwback.

We're totally seeing double.

In the pic, Cox’s daughter is wearing the exact same dress her mother wore 21 years ago.

It got some celebs talking.

Instagram | @courteneycoxofficial

Cox’s former Friends co-star, Lisa Kudrow commented on the pic.

So did a few other celebs who were also in disbelief at the resemblance.

We wonder if Coco has an inner Monica side, too?

Coco is a chip off the old block, for sure.

You can clearly see her mom's influence on her looks in this photo, but it's not just Courteney she's clearly taken after.

But we can't forget about dad!

Instagram | @cocoarquette_

Like dad like ... daughter?

Coco recently posted this photo in celebration of her 15th birthday.

She proving that she's got some of dad's genes, too.

Especially with those glasses and that cheeky expression.

Instagram | @cocoarquette_

She's definitely inherited dad's silliness!

And mom's fashion sense, to boot, as she looks gorgeous in a little black dress with a high slit.

When we were 15, we had braces and a mushroom cut ...

Coco is clearly winning at life.

Tons of loving birthday messages from fans and celebs have been pouring in.

Including this adorable birthday tribute from her mama.

Instagram | @courteneycoxoffical

"Happy birthday sweet Coco!" she captioned the pic.

"You are such a gift to me and have brought so much joy and love to my life."

Dad was also feeling all the feels with his post.

Instagram | @davidarquette

"Happy Birthday Coco!!!" he wrote. "We love you! I couldn’t be happier right now

He also shared a video of him singing her "Happy Birthday" on Instagram stories.

Coco isn't the only celebrity look-alike kid.

Instagram | @avaphillipe

For instance, if I showed you this picture, I wouldn't be surprised if you guessed the girl in it is just a young Reese Witherspoon.

But it's actually Ava Phillpe!

Instagram | @avaphillipe

Ava is Reese's daughter with actor Ryan Phillipe, but Ava is almost a clone of her mother. Ava looking like her mom isn't new, but there has been a bit of a stir recently.

Ava recently posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend.

Instagram | @avaphillipe

The sweet snap was accompanied by the caption, "this week >" which is incredibly cute. But some people started pointing out that her boyfriend looked a little familiar...

Perhaps like a young version of her dad, Ryan?

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The comments on Instagram came pouring in, saying the photo of Ava and her boyfriend looked like an old picture of her parents together.

Ava obviously wasn't super pleased with the comparison.

Instagram | @avaphillipe

After someone commented saying "He does not look like your dad," Ava replied with a simple "big thx."

I don't blame her — no teenager wants to be told their boyfriend looks like their dad.

Ava and Coco are both really lucky teenagers.

Instagram | @courtneycoxofficial

They've lived quite the life so far thanks to their famous parents.

Can we get someone rich and famous to adopt us, pls?

And they're doubly blessed!

Not only do they live fantastic lives thanks to their parents, they also get to look like them too. I would LOVE to look like a bombshell celebrity, and they get to just through genetics!

And, of course, they get lots of sweet messages on their birthdays.

Happy birthday, Coco!

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We're looking forward to seeing more of the b-day celebrations on social media.

You go, Glen Coco.