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Rose Succulents Are The Magical New Plant To Add To Your Collection

Are you as much of a sucker for succulents as I am? Aren't they so fun to look at and display around the house? I'm especially obsessed with those plants that have unique shapes and features.

So I just stumbled upon the prettiest succulents that look just like roses. Get a load of these beautiful babies.

These pretty little plants look like they've been plucked straight out of a fairy tale and you can plant them right in your outdoor garden.

Or, keep them displayed indoors in a cool planter.

Wow, I can't get over how perfectly symmetrical this pretty succulent looks.

I'm always so surprised how wonderful nature can be to create such a marvel for us to enjoy.

This type of rose-shaped succulent is called Greenovia dodrentalis. Their special feature is the curved, layered petals that make them closely resemble roses.

Oh, I'm just loving these.

These succulents are native to the Canary Islands but obviously, as they are now getting so popular, you can get them in other parts of the world or online.

Which is good news for plant lovers!

Check out this little guy?

Isn't it the cutest thing? The Greenovia are tiny little plants, only about six inches tall at maturity. This makes me wanna get one.

Unfortunately, as much as I love that these plants are getting more popular, this also means the wild plants are in danger due to over-collection and tourist activities.

Always try to buy these from reputable and sustainable sources.

If you want to plant more succulents, bag the heads to catch seed and sow indoors in shallow trays.

That way you can have more plants in the future.

In order for your plants to thrive, keep them in a bright, well-lit location.

Water when the top surface of soil is dry. In winter, reduce water by half.

You can move your Greenovia outside onto the patio or to another bright location in the summer but just make sure to gradually adjust the plant to the outdoors.

They need time to get used to new conditions!

You also have to keep an eye on the plant to make sure it doesn't get too much sunlight so you don't end up scorching it while outdoors.

This is super important to keep in mind.

Another thing to watch out for is any insects the plant may attract while you move it outdoors for the summer.

Especially if you plan on moving it indoors later.

How much fun are these *Guardians Of The Galaxy*-inspired planters to display these gorgeous rose succulents in an outdoor garden?

What an awesome idea. Groot would totally approve. LOL!

And of course, if you only store it indoors, there are so many cool and fun ways to display this unusual plant at your house such as pretty planters.

I need to make one of these!

Every time I find these unusual succulents, I'm so tempted to look for them online.

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Even though I don't exactly have the best green thumb, I still wanna get one!

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