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You Can Grow Your Indoor Garden With Affordable Succulents From Costco

Everyone loves Costco. That is a fact.

Where else can you buy gallons of mayo AND snack on delicious free samples while you shop?

If you are a certified Gold Star member like me, then I just found another reason for you to love this warehouse. Now you can find the cutest succulents and they are also super affordable.

Everyone grab their membership cards and get a cart. We're going to Costco!

We can thank one Reddit user for alerting us to this huge find.

Reddit | Kittylover11

Kittylover11 shared this picture on Reddit of this succulent garden in a wine box. How perfect would this be on a windowsill? Best of all, this planter only cost $20! I know! What a great find.

Depending on your local warehouse, the variety of succulents can vary.

Reddit | Hinz_Ketchup

Another Reddit user shared this photo of large succulents being sold in packs of three, with each plant in its own clay pot. With the separate pots, you can arrange them on a bookshelf, or even bring one to the office!

Here's another Costco shopper's haul.

Reddit | dogsandsucculents

They went with the classic windowsill arrangement. Costco was selling these three large plants for, you guessed it, $20. I love it when I can indulge in my plant addiction and not sabotage my bank account.

With spring coming up, be sure to check out Costco's garden section.

Reddit | BigSherv

The garden department is seasonal and usually closes by mid-summer, so be sure to stop by and check out their plants. This Reddit user bought all these succulents for just $32!

Look at these gorgeous plant babies!

Reddit | Wahhchaa

Someone scored these eight plants for $20!

It's very possible that my house is going to be overrun with succulents after I finish writing this article.

Some shoppers also found these large bowls of succulents — for $20!

Reddit | Alaczar

If you are currently planning a wedding, try shopping at Costco and picking up these bowls for cheap centerpieces. Succulent centerpieces are very Pinterest-worthy right now.

This shopper replanted their succulents in these cute mason jars.

Reddit | lDieTrying

Not only does this display have a little bit of a rustic vibe, using mason jars is also a reusable and eco-friendly option. Love it!

If you are a notorious plant killer, succulents are also fairly easy to take care of.

Unsplash | Beatriz Moraes

Most succulents prefer lots of direct sunlight, so just make sure you have a spot for them that will provide that, or choose a variety that doesn't need as much sun.

Otherwise, they don't require much water and just need to be fertilized once a year.

Who's going to Costco with me?

I might just need to buy their entire stock of succulents. When you shop at Costco, you go big or go home, right?

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