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'Dolphin' Succulents Will Make A Splash In Your Garden

Do you have a green thumb? Are you looking for a unique plant to impress your friends with? In an array of unusual plants, there's some that really stand out.

There's one plant in particular that will make you say "I need this in my life ASAP." It's so fun and playful you'll be scattering the local greenhouses to get your hands on it.

Are My Eyes Playing Tricks On Me?

No, your eyes are definitely not playing tricks on you. This succulent plant called 'senecioperegrinus' or 'dolphin' plant looks just like leaping dolphins.

It's A Hybrid Plant

This interesting plant is actually a hybrid. It was crossed pollinated using two other plants called 'Candle Plant' and a 'String-of-Pearls' vine. How amazing is that?

Why Does It Look Like That?

This plant sprouts leaves off its stems looking like a crescent moon with a fin. This gives you that dolphin like appearance. Ah, nature!

Does It Change Its Shape?

The best part, this plant maintains its shape as it grows. So you won't get stuck with a boring looking plant later.

It Also Produces Pretty Flowers!

Does it get any better or what? It actually does. This animal-shaped plant also produces pretty amazing flowers. How cool is that?

Are They Hard To Take Care Of?

Nope! These plants like a bit of moisture. So water them once per week in Spring/Summer and once per month in Winter.

What Temperature Do They Like?

They will thrive in 72 degrees F. (22 C.) in the growing season and cooler at 50-55 F. (10-13 C.) during the dormant season.

Can These Plants Get Sick?

The only problem that might arise with these plants is fungus or pests. Just water them correctly and check for pests if keeping them outdoors.

Where To Keep Them?

Because these dolphin shaped plants are so awesome to look at you can display them in a sea-themed planter. Or scatter some sea shells around them.

Where Can I Get Them?

The tricky part is, these plants may be hard to find at the greenery. But no need to fret, they're widely available to buy online.

Other Ideas To Add To Your Collection

Do you want to add more to your animal-themed plant collection? You can also check out these equally adorable 'rabbit' succulents.

Where Are These From?

These funny looking plants are native to South Africa. As they sprout they grow two stems that make them look just like bunny ears.

Are They Easy To Care For?

They sure are! All they need is good drainage, slightly cooler temperatures, and a little more water during their growing period in Spring/Summer.

Create An Animal Themed Garden

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Now you have some ideas for acquiring unique and interesting plants. And you can start creating a fun and playful space in your home.