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Baby Phat Just Relaunched At Forever 21 So You Can Re-Live 2005

Break out your velour tracksuits and hoop earrings ladies, it's officially a hot girl summer!

You may or may not have noticed, but the fashion world has been doing that thing where they bring back trends from the yesteryears and make them hot again.

First, there were the fanny packs, dad sneakers, biker shorts and now⁠—Baby Phat.

My 13-year-old self is SCREAMING.

First, let me take you back. WAY back.

Baby Phat was the women's streetwear line that launched back in 1999 and shaped the fashion trends of the early 2000s.

The brand's signature looks included baby tees, curve-hugging jeans and nearly everything emblazoned with their sexy cat logo.

The mastermind behind Baby Phat is Kimora Lee Simmons Leissner.

The former supermodel turned businesswoman started the company alongside ex-husband Russell Simmons who owned the complimentary men's line, Phat Farm.

By the early aughts, Baby Phat became a billion-dollar business selling everything from clothing to fragrances and even blinged-out cellphones.

Baby Phat sadly took a major hit during the recession of 2004.

Sales were slowing down and the brand ended up being acquired by Kellwood Company.

They then "unceremoniously" booted Simmons Leissner from Baby Phat in 2010 and the brand soon faded into a distant memory.

That is until Simmons Leissner decided to reclaim her time and reclaim her brand.

Earlier this year it was announced that the entrepreneur had reacquired Baby Phat and would be rebuilding the brand with the help of her teenage daughters Ming and Aoki Lee.

Now the relaunched line is officially here.

Simmons Leissner partnered up with fast fashion retailer Forever 21 to launch Baby Phat's triumphant return.

In a short promo video, you can see Simmons Leissner alongside P. Diddy's twin girls as well as her own daughters decked out in fits from the collection.

From the looks of it, the line is staying true to some of their original design styles.

Courtesy of Baby Phat/Forever 21

Bamboo earrings, bedazzled crop tops and leopard prints are very on-brand for the streetwear label but there are a few differences.

One of them being the much-lower price point. The most expensive item in the F21 collab is a two-piece set for just $38.

Twitter has been going crazy since the news got out.

"I don’t wanna hear nobody mouth when they see me wearing baby phat. I couldn’t afford it when I was 9 years old. Now is the time to flex," tweeted R&B singer and YouTube star Queen Naija.

"I cannot WAIT to do all my future work travel in a velour Baby Phat tracksuit. I’m here for the return of the cat," someone else tweeted.

Some people, however aren't exactly feeling the new and refreshed Baby Phat collection.

"I’m so disappointed in this collection. This is not the old baby phat," read one comment on Instagram.

Meanwhile, many others are griping about the brand's decision to partner with Forever 21, with one person writing, "Baby Phat isn’t supposed to be on forever 21. It’s supposed to be on this ain’t even screaming Baby Phat."

But those feeling shortchanged by the brand's limited selection still have something to look forward to.

A rep for Simmons Leissner told Refinery 29 that the full Baby Phat collection will be coming this September.

So, hopefully, the second collection has a lot more items that we've come to love from them like their extra AF accessories and coveted velour tracksuits.

I don't know about you guys but I'm all the way here for this Baby Phat comeback.

You might just see me this summer wearing a one-shoulder crop top with that infamous cat on the front and a bedazzled flip-phone to match.

You've been warned!