Nothing Can Make Us Unsee This Thanos Bikini

For a franchise built on stopping various forces trying to take over the world, the Avengers have basically conquered the globe one box office at a time. It's been quite a ride, with the MCU telling a massive story arc spanning 22 films over 11 years, something that's never really been done in film history.

So no wonder marketers are doing their utmost to capitalize off the MCU's huge success. But have they gone too far this time?

It's hard to say for sure if the folks at Marvel had any idea what a gem of a villain they had in Thanos.

I mean, sure, he's a formidable foe for Earth's mightiest heroes. They needed two lengthy films to bring him down! And after the credits rolled, the internet took over, making the big purple guy with the fancy glove a meme star.

Nobody ever made such a fuss over Ultron, amirite?

But, folks, it looks like we've reached peak Thanos.


Of all the product tie-ins, did anybody anywhere think a Thanos bikini was ever going to happen? Complete with the mad titan's glowering eyes looking out from each cup and questionable placement his prominent chin cleft, it's both a nightmare and a marvel to behold.

Guys, it's sold out.


The Thanos bikini was so popular, Amazon sold all the way out.

But, if you really want Thanos's smiling mug plastered across your midsection this summer, you still have one option.

If you don't really need Thanos's nose to be your belly button, there's a one-piece version.


And it's not sold out just yet, but given that it sells for just $29.99, the one-piecer might fly out of Amazon's warehouse in a snap.

And don't worry fellas, you don't have to be left out entirely either.


Amazon has you more or less covered with a Thanos singlet that will definitely get you some looks at the beach.

So, yeah. Do with that what you will.