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7+ Photos That Will Only Make Sense To A New Mom

It doesn't matter how many times you read What To Expect When You're Expecting, there are just some things about motherhood that you'll never be able to anticipate until you become one. And then, you'll get what all those veteran moms are talking about. You'll get alllll of it.

These photos might not make sense to anyone who isn't a mom, but if you are one you'll relate to them so hard.

When your baby spits up on you, but you're used it.

What used to be gross really doesn't phase you anymore. Unless it smells funky. I really can't deal with the smells.

The new mom starter pack.

Let's see, we've got a peri bottle, lots of jumbo pads, gauze, and of course, mesh undies! Guess what? Moms wear diapers, too!

Seriously, moms need to embrace the mesh undies during those first few weeks.

When there's a lot of fluids and blood during the newly postpartum period, you'll be thankful for these trusty undies. They are life-savers!

A new perspective on breastfeeding.

You know, I never thought about this before, but now I can't stop thinking or laughing about it. LOL!

The joys of breastfeeding.

So, no one told me that clogged milk ducts were a thing and that my boobs would need regular warm soaks and massages. I know it sounds relaxing... but it's not.

What's for breakfast today, mom?

Toddler shoes in your breakfast? Yup, that sounds about right. What's even better is when my son eats all my breakfast after I painstakingly cut up and pure├ęd his own meal.

Poop explosions all day, every day.

I used to think the diaper blow-out was a myth. I miss my naive pre-mom innocence. Now, I know these are not just a parenting urban legend.

A future Picasso

Kids need to keep themselves entertained somehow while they're breastfeeding. I just can't believe this mom went along with letting her baby doodle on her.

Your new favorite accessory

Pretty much every shirt you have is going to have a spit-up stain on it in some capacity. You might as well just get used to it until your kid is past the spit up age.

Potty training goes differently for everybody

Kids have a strange ability to get their heads stuck in just about anything, and their potty is no different. Not so much a potty mouth as a potty head!

When the flash goes off by accident

This new mom tried to get an adorable picture of her daughter sleeping, but the flash went off by accident and woke her up. This is one for the picture album!

Big enough to want their own food, too little to get it

It's a proud day when your kid gets breakfast for themselves for the first time, but not as proud a day as all the times that they try to and fail first.

Everybody say cheese

Every new mom knows the horror of the perfect photo op being ruined by an ill-timed spit up. On the bright side, there's definitely worse bodily functions this baby could have used to ruin the picture!

Milestones aren't always exciting

It's super exciting when your baby stands up for the first time, but maybe a bit less exciting when he does it while still attached to his seat and gets his food everywhere.

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