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22 Simple Hacks That'll Make #ParentLife A Bit Easier

Being a parent is tough, so if you can find ways of making everyday tasks even the tiniest bit easier, you're going to try them, right?

The list of hacks below are for all of the hardworking people out there who may need some help making #ParentLife more manageable.

1. A quick storage tip.

Cynditha Blogspot | Cynditha Blogspot

Small takeout containers (like the ones used for condiments) are the perfect size for pacifiers. All you have to do is store them in a drawer and then pop a few into a diaper bag as needed.

2. Turn a blowup pool into a playpen.

CanDo Kiddo | CanDo Kiddo

This idea is great because a blow-up pool is easy to clean, inexpensive, and surrounds your child with a soft place to land if (read: when) they happen to fall over.

3. Streamline your child's morning routine.

Instagram | @kortneybrady

"Klowey & I put these together the other day for her & Jaxon's school clothes so that our mornings would go more smoothly." What a great idea!

4. Bring the feet, but not the kids.

A Beautiful Ruckus | A Beautiful Ruckus

It's not as morbid as it sounds. Rather than dragging your kiddos to the store, simply trace their feet on a piece of paper and use that to buy them new shoes!

5. Make a routine clock for your family.

Kids Activities Blog | Kids Activities Blog

Colorcode a clock from the dollar store with important tasks so that everyone stays on schedule by finishing things consistently and on time.

6. Make them a phone number bracelet.

Unsplash | Quino Al

Hopefully it'll never have to be used, but if you and your child do get separated somewhere, at least there will be a quick and easy way to get ahold of someone.

7. Baking sheets are your friend.

Grade School Giggles | Grade School Giggles

These kitchen staples can come in handy if your kids like to get crafty. Because they are large, flat, and easily stackable, you can use baking sheets to store art projects while they dry.

8. Make slippers less slippery.

Pretty Prudent | Pretty Prudent

Add a bit of hot glue to the bottoms of your child's slippers to create grippers that will help prevent slips and spills on slick surfaces.

9. Take the stress out of vacation packing.

Instagram | @pinlady91

Save yourself the hassle of rummaging through a suitcase by storing individual outfits inside freezer bags. Once the clothes are dirty, simply put them back in the bag before tossing it in the luggage.

10. Lint rollers are also super helpful.

Grade School Giggles | Grade School Giggles

Glitter is fun to craft with, but it's also a pain in the you-know-what to clean up. Luckily, going over it with a lint roller, followed by a baby wipe, makes this task a lot easier to handle.

11. Don't lose track of doses.

Instagram | @flovaldes_

With all of the other things you have to remember, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not you gave your kid the right amount of medicine. Keeps things simple by drawing out a dosage chart on the container.

12. Cupcake liners to the rescue!

Avoid sticky fingers by cutting a hole into a cupcake liner and sliding it up the stick of a popsicle. If the frozen treat starts to melt, the liner will catch the mess.

13. Make room on the changing table.

Gray House Studio | Gray House Studio

Use a dowel and hanging baskets to create a storage area for changing table essentials, like diapers and wipes. It'll keep everything organized and also clear up a bunch of space on the table.

14. An alternative use for the fitted sheet.

Kids Activities Blog | Kids Activities Blog

Everyone knows that kids are messy, and many vehicles pay the price when it comes to food, dirt, and other grimy culprits. To save yourself from an expensive interior detail job, cover seats with a fitted sheet.

15. Tackle tough stains.

My Life In Pink And Green | My Life In Pink And Green

Mix together two parts hydrogen peroxide, one part Dawn dish soap, and one part baking soda. Cover the stain with the mixture, scrub it in with a brush, and allow it to sit for one hour. Finally, wash the garment as you normally would, et voila! No more stains!

16. Wash it out.

Gettin' By | Gettin' By

Throw your child's favorite toys, like Lego, into a mesh laundry bag and clean them using the washing machine. When the cycle is finished, simply allow them to air dry.

17. Make fast food easy.

Lookie What I Did | Lookie What I Did

While this hack may not totally prevent crumbs and spills, it'll definitely cut down the amount of damage your kid can do while eating their favorite treat in the back seat.

18. A little trick for little feet.

One Creative House Wife | One Creative House Wife

This is such a good idea! Help your little one learn the difference between their left and right foot by placing half a sticker along the inside of each shoe.

19. Hang it up!

Instagram | @barangbabycantik

Never dig through an unorganized kitchen drawer again! Attach a Command hook to the back of your child's highchair and use it to hang up their bibs.

20. A temporary safety measure.

Instagram | @hacked_by_a_mommie

If you're noticing little hands trying to open cupboards, you can use dog collars as a temporary fix for keeping them shut. Brilliant!

21. Never lose socks to the dryer monster again.

Use safety pins (or binder clips if you're worried about someone getting hurt) to keep sock pairs together while you wash them.

22. Make instant art bibs.

Raddest Mom | Raddest Mom

Finally, if you don't have smocks for the kiddies to wear while they're doing arts and crafts, cover their clothes with some Glad Press n' Seal!

What is your favorite tried, tested, and true parenting hack?

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