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40 Extremely Questionable Pictures That Went Viral

Yes, this world is a crazy place — we see this every moment of every day on headline news.

This isn't new, though. The world has always been a crazy place, so stop feeling sorry for yourself already.

Anyway, every once in a while, something so crazy pops out at you that you have to take a picture — and, if you're lucky, it can go viral.

Here are some seriously questionable photos that people couldn't get enough of online.

1. Most people think long and hard about the design they want for their seasonal jack-o'-lantern. Not this person. 

Reddit | OrangeJuicestice

I have to say, though, the final result made me laugh harder than I have in a while.

2. Remind me to never hop onto a state fair ride ever again. 

Reddit | iAmWillyAmm

"This is how the state fair propped the roller coasters up," the user wrote. It's a roller coaster. It moves. And so do wooden blocks!

3. "My cat sneezed as soon as I took this picture," wrote Rad_Raptor64.

Reddit | Rad_Raptor64

Oh, thank goodness. Glad to learn that there isn't a special breed of headless cats out there walking around.

4. Maybe that punishment is a tiny bit over the top? I think a fine is typical in this case.

Reddit | conel11

I also think if you're going to stick with electrocution that it should be bolded, at least.

5. A Reddit user wrote, "the greeter at my local Walmart. I can't explain." Can anyone explain this? 

Reddit | gizmothetwotoncat

There's no better way to make Walmart customers feel welcome than to have a greeter locked up in a cage.

6. This changes everything. 

Reddit | CosmicKeys

I'm not sure if this denim hair slot is how she plans on wearing her hair all day or if it is an easy way to prevent her hair from flying everywhere on that motorcycle.

7. "A thousand feet in the air and the airplane door swings open. I spent the rest of the flight trying to hold it closed with my fingernails," wrote YVRYAN.

Reddit | YVRYAN

No one could help? I need to know what airline this was with.

8. "Cow with 5 horns, spotted in Kolhapur, India," wrote josekonikkara. I'm honestly in shock. 

Reddit | josekonikkara

This cow looks a little like Coolio, but like a devil Coolio. Fascinating, to say the least.

9. I'm going to go out there and say this is probably at a Chipotle, where you really need your bro's support in the bathroom.

Reddit | jengo54

See, guys can get emotional, too — just in different ways.

10. I can say for sure that this is not supposed to happen. 

Reddit | Parkuman

"My smoke detector caught on fire," wrote Parkuman. You better get that fixed, because it's your last line of defense, man.

11. Gotta get the most flattering angle

Instagram | @furby.balls

The internet loves a good reflection fail!

12. So naturally this one went viral too

Pleated Jeans | Pleated Jeans

Looks like he might be selling more than just that mirror

13. "Potoo's must be one of the most bizarre birds out there," wrote Paulswalls.

Reddit | Paulswalls

If you're travelling to South America, you may get a chance to see one of these crazy birds.

14. This pickle slice is trapped in a glass case of emotion. 

Reddit | snakeiscranky

It's OK, little dude — you'll be relaxing on a Ballpark Frank any day now. Is that one even good to eat?

15. I'm thinking this person's friend had too many margaritas to think of something like this.  

Reddit | actually_oh

This picture may be questionable, but it's also pretty fascinating at the same time.

16. This could actually mess someone up on the road if they look at that spare tire at the wrong time. Trippy. 

Reddit | Reddit

In case you're confused, that's a picture of a picture of a picture of the back of this SUV.

17. I had no idea that spiders could even do this, but they can, and it's even more terrifying than jumping.

Imagine a spider tumbling down a hill coming at you at like 25 miles an hour? No thanks.

18. "Someone painted eyes on all of the trees in this park," wrote JonoMN.

Reddit | JonoMN

This would be horrifying if you happened to be going on a nice stroll in the park at nighttime.

19. Hey fellas, feel a little warm on the links?

Reddit | Kolsefur

Obviously, they probably know that a wildfire is blazing behind them as they golf, but wow, it's getting awfully close for comfort.

20. Let this be a lesson for all you social media princesses: if you won't take a selfie with your dog, your dog will ruin your selfie.

Uber Humor | Uber Humor

22. Dirt in a river? Not even close.

Reddit | nephilis

"Millions of fire ants floating in flooding from Harvey," wrote one Reddit user. If only humans could work together this well, the world would be a much better place.

23. Another win for the panoramic camera function.

Reddit | porku

24. When it comes to highway robbery, monkeys don't mess around. 

The Chive | The Chive

I don't want to say she's asking for it, but she definitely didn't make this hard for them.

25. This is too tragic

Instagram | Instagram

The internet is not always happy place.

26. Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you, but you just couldn't figure out why? Now I know. 

Reddit | iEngineer0

After you give yourself some time to recover, leave a COMMENT on Facebook letting us know which of these disturbed you the most.

21. Someone found this highly questionable bra at a local Goodwill. There was a little note inside...

Reddit | mr-buttersworth

I almost feel like this bra has been through too much to consider wearing it.

27. Guys, this is why you leave your girl alone when she's in the bathroom

Reddit | tkhatri1997

It's so realistic, I'm questioning if this possession thing is actually an act...

28. Meet the real-life Stretch Armstrong, folks!

Reddit | Xenotize

29. It would appear that Cyclops are real... in case someone ever told you otherwise.

Imgur | psuedon

30. The Sorting Hat pylon 

Reddit | titanicnarwhal

This cone is sure to sort traffic into the right direction. While many see the popular Harry Potter reference, I distinctly see shades of Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

31. There's something fishy about this pic.

Twitter | fjamie013

On the plus side, I'm sure she didn't have to give up her voice for this exchange. Stupid, Ursula, what's she going to do with a voice anyway? Clearly, she could already sing.

32. For this picture, TheBoyChadwik wrote, "my grape is long." Boy, is Chadwik ever right.

Reddit | TheBoyChadwik

Was this the only long grape on the vine? Did it just stick out like a sore thumb?

33. For this picture, hoonigan_4wd wrote, "Was not aware Freddy Krueger drove an Altima."

Reddit | hoonigan_4wd

I'm right there with you on this one, hoonigan. I never thought about how useful those talons would become in a pinch.

34. This illusion seems to get you when the image is smallest.

Reddit | Reddit

35. Why is this tiny man standing on a trash can?

Reddit | solidfox535

36. Oh look, a thing nobody needs, ever. 

Imgur | therescue5

37. That rock is actually just sitting in the water. Looked far more dramatic at first. 

Reddit | outroversion

38. This gif terrifies me. If you watch closely, you'll see the ground in Mexico City "breathing" during the earthquake that took place recently.

It's incredible how flexible these city roads seem to be.

39. Some may find a faucet on the hood of a car trashy, but I find it beautifully avante garde. 

Reddit | Aameba

I know this probably isn't the case, but that would be super convenient on camping trips or extended road trips.

40. Sometimes you just want to spend a night in examining you melons

Reddit | Torrothemad