16 School Photos Mom Won't Pay For

Picture day is the single most important day of the school year. It's the day when you get to take a staged picture that all of your parents and your peers will remember you by. Assuming the yearbook committee doesn't make cuts, the way you look on picture day is how your classmates will remember high school you for the rest of your life, which, I'll admit, has its ups and its downs.

I probably come off as someone who reveled in the opportunity to create a lasting memory of myself, but I actually hated it. I was a late bloomer who wore braces until my senior year. My better days were ahead of me, and I knew it. My mother, on the other hand, didn't seem to care. Every year she would order the deluxe photo package complete with a dozen wallet sized copies that she distributed to family members — ugh. Sometimes I wished I had taken photos that were so bad my mother refused to buy them. Knowing her, she would have sent me back for a retake.

1. Eat, sleep, tuba, repeat

Imgur | mezzanine224

This kid picked up all the chicks in high school

2. After plowing the field and feeding the cows all morning, farmer Jeb made it just in time for his photo

reddit | shepry_44

3. I don't think even think a retake can save this kid 

reddit | Enesex

4. The Hello Kitty hairdo was poppin' back in the day

Imgur | ZerperGercher

5. This kid's picture is a yoga master's wet dream

reddit | frumpyfrontbum

he is literally one with nature

6. When they tell you not to blink

reddit | Archz714

7. When Mom forgets that it's photo day and lets you wear whatever you want to school

reddit | KillerKenyan

8. They say there's at least one in every class

reddit | boj3143

9. Oh God, I'm at a loss for words

Imgur | tayls

At least she tried

10. I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she already looks like one

Imgur | BubblegumRhino

11. The photographer they hired that year was very hands on

Imgur | ihavenobrain

12. If only cops were allowed to arrest future criminals by looking at their yearbook photos

Imgur | drunkvan

Working on his mugshot look

13. Look out! He's trying to shoot you with his laser eyes

Imgur | DoucheClown

14. Meet Scott Myers, the class clown

Imgur | StahpInfection

15. "Make me do this again and I'll cut you"

Izismile | Izismile
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