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15+ Times Nature Just Did Whatever It Was Going To Do

We've come to expect certain things from nature, like snow in the winter, leaves on trees in the summer, cows that moo and zucchini that fries up perfectly in butter. But the truth is, we're all at its whim.

Just in case you need a reminder that nature will just do what it wants, we've got some examples.

Now that's some unfortunate timing.

Reddit | katiebethwelch

A haboob, or dust storm, met up with a rain storm over this town. As you might expect, dust + rain = mud. Yum.

This snail has room to spare.

Reddit | ManWithADog

That's one snail with two shells — wonder if one is a summer shell it uses to get away from it all.

These aren't cucumber slices.

Reddit | you_thought_it_first

They're lime slices. I'm not one to return produce to the store, especially a little lime, but dang if I wouldn't feel ripped off to find so little actual lime inside.

Your eyes are not deceiving you — those pine cones are indeed blue.

Reddit | SqueakytheTalon

I've only ever seen brown pine cones in nature, but apparently some varieties of fir can grow blue cones.

Guess this guy will be shaving for the rest of his life.

Reddit | RichSlamfist

Growing a beard would just look weird when your whiskers only grow on one cheek, don't you think?

The things vet techs notice sometimes amazes me.


For example, the little infinity symbol swirls on this doggo's toes. Here's hoping they bring good luck to the pooch!

This tulip has a single two-toned petal.

Reddit DRock86ak

And the color splits right down the middle of the petal — oddly pretty, right?

On a much larger two-toned scale, check this out.

Reddit | CMazza8

It's actually three different trees — two red and one green — but they've grown together so well that they look like a single tree.

I guess sometimes eggs are laid without shells.

Reddit | Yogibear

And you end up with a blob like this, with just a thin membrane holding in all the goo.

This snake has snazzier facial hair than I ever will.

Reddit | wpen

I believe they call the moustache/soul patch combo a Van Dyke.

The little fungus that could?

Reddit | DeliciousNoonNap

I mean, it takes a determined mushroom to force its way up from the earth through asphalt.

Speaking of determination, how about a tomato plant growing out of a drain?

Reddit | eyadsd

Not good for the pipes, I'm sure, but hey, free tomatoes.

When nature provides its splendorous bounty.

Reddit | Filthy_Weeb_Slayer

Why does a double strawberry look like so much more of a feast than a single one?

There was an accidental Van Gogh inside this log.

Reddit | TeePost

I don't know whether you call it "Starry Wood" or "Woody Night" but either way, nature did some art here.

When plants want sunlight, they go for it.

Reddit | glorygonememory

In the most direct way possible, apparently. Never seen a cactus reach out an arm like that for the precious vitamin D before.

Not what you would expect to see if someone told you this was a crystal, right?

Reddit | oveikko

But indeed that's what this is, in all its blobbish, decidedly non-crystalline glory.

Now this looks more properly mineral, at least in shape.

Reddit | ExoticCrystals

In color, it's not so vibrant, or shiny, but it IS unusual, which is because there's iron in that there quartz, causing the rusty hue.

This person marveled at the odd length of their fingers.

Reddit | BadOrange84

They look like they're extra handy for getting messages across in traffic at least.

And then there's this person's oddly jointed thumb.

Reddit | Afiqypls

Not sure how useful it is, but that is a good party trick.

Speaking of good party tricks and thumb joints...

Reddit | Raice19

That really doesn't look comfortable, but apparently it's just and extra-flexy digit. Yowsers.

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