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12+ Embarrassing Childhood Photos Where Kids Look Way Older Than Their Age

Most people are so in love with their babies they usually think they're just the cutest thing in the world. But there are those who also realize that sometimes their kid looks less like a baby and more like an actual adult or even a senior citizen.

Here are some hilarious pictures of kids that look way past their actual age. Enjoy!

1. Beam Me Up, Scotty

Reddit | Ellsworthless

I dunno if you see the resemblance but this kid's parents think he looks like William Shatner. Do you see it? I think I do.

2. When You're Already Middle-Aged


Ha, ha, ha, this unfortunate kid looks like he's a middle-aged man with a beer gut and all. Thankfully he still has his hair. LOL!

3. When You're Tired From Work


The office was so draining today and the commute home didn't help either. Now I'm ready for some wings and beer.

4. Oh Dear!


Not sure if it's just the expression on this kid's face or the actual high waisted, bow tie outfit they put him in but he's not aging well.

5. When You Need A Sense Of Humour

Reddit | ryanpt670

Kudos to this parent who admitted his daughter looks like Steve Buchemi because in this case, you just have to! LMFAO!

6. When Your Kid Resembles Danny DeVito

Reddit | pangitlee

“Don’t look at me. You made this bed; you’re sleeping in it. This is a life lesson for you.” Ha, ha, ha!

7. Stranger Things

Reddit | Whymaraner

I guess there could be stranger things than your kid looking like Dustin from the popular show of the same name. Huh? What a cool resemblance.

8. The Blunder Years

Reddit | astronomydomone

I know I had a pretty bad perm back in high school but I've got nothing on this second grader. Wow, this is quite the look.

9. When You're Over It Already

Imgur | tommysutro

This kid is barely 15 minutes old and already tired of your nonsense. I don't think you wanna piss this kid off.

10. When You've Had One Too Many

Imgur | ihavethisweirdcakeaddiction

I can so see this baby picture becoming a meme for all kinds of situations. An old, drunken guy, for example.

11. Speaking To You


I've got one word to say to you when your child resembles Wallace Shawn: Inconceivable! LOL! I bet you were waiting for that one.

12. Anyone Seen Sharon?

Reddit | ukelliousmaximus

You've got your career cut out for you when you look like a 40-year-old receptionist named Sharon when you're only in the fourth grade. Oh Lordy!

13. Hell's Kitchen

Twitter | @Claire8ball

It's no joke, but if your kid looks exactly like Gordon Ramsey you might have a problem. Don't be surprised if he starts swearing at you.

Ha, ha, kids are so funny but these pictures had me cracking up hard.

I can't imagine having a kid that's a meme waiting to happen. I guess you just gotta roll with it!

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