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The Queen Wore A Tiara That Wards Off Evil To Trump State Banquet

US President Donald Trump is on his first official state visit to the UK and people can't stop talking about it.

Including the fact that Queen Elizabeth wore a tiara that wards off evil during his visit.

Was it shade or just a coincidence?

US President Donald Trump is on a state visit to the U.K. and making quite the number of headlines along the way.

The trip was already overshadowed by remarks Trump made about Brexit and members of the royal family.

After being caught on audio calling Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle "nasty", Trump denied saying anything of the sort before later admitting that he actually did say it.

He then said that he actually thinks that Meghan is "very nice."

The Brits haven't given Trump the warmest of welcomes either.

Trump's arrival has been met with a handful of protests and public trolling from British activists.

In addition to a giant Trump blimp, activists mowed male genitals into the grass where his plane landed.

They even projected the country's approval ratings of Trump versus former president Barack Obama onto the Tower of London.

To kick off the President's official visit, Buckingham Palace hosted a state banquet dinner.

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Trump kept things simple in a black suit (that might have been too small for him). Melania, the Queen and damn near every other lady in attendance wore white dresses.

And there was something else the Queen was wearing.

She showed up with an evil warding tiara just casually resting atop her head.

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According to a press release from jeweler the House of Garrard, Queen Elizabeth was wearing a Burmese Ruby and Diamond Tiara at the banquet.

The tiara includes 96 rubies that were a gift from Burma and in Burmese culture, rubies protect from "illness and evil."

People online had a lot to say when they found out about the meaning of the Queen's tiara.

"The queen throws shade on you in every instance. Her tiara last night was given to her to ward off evil. She wore it [in] your presence. She rocks." wrote one.

Another tweeted, "The Queen wore her Burmese Ruby Tiara to protect herself from evil during Trump’s visit and I AM CACKLING."

A LOT to say.

Many people felt that the Queen was trolling or mocking the President.

"The ruby in the Queen’s tiara is from Burma and used to ward off evil. More good trolling from Queen Elizabeth," tweeted one person.

"The Queen is also the master of shade. She wore a Tiara for the state dinner with Trump with stones chosen to ward off evil," another chimed in.

On the flip side, there's a chance the ruby tiara has nothing to do with Trump.

The rubies used in the tiara were originally gifted to the Queen and Prince Phillip as a wedding gift. So there's a pretty good chance that she wore the tiara as an ode to her husband.

What do you think about the Queen's tiara?

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Are people making a big deal out of nothing and look into this too much? Or is the Queen of England also the new queen of shade?

Either way, if this picture is any indication, then the president and the Royals are getting along just fine.