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Twitter Is Losing It After Seeing Beyoncé's Reaction To A Woman Talking To Jay-Z

Twitter is having a meltdown over Beyoncé's facial expression after a woman was leaning across her to talk to Jay-Z, at last night's NBA finals game — and so am I.

Last night, as Beyonce and her hubby, Jay-Z, sat court-side at Raptors vs. Warriors basketball game in California, somebody caught video footage of Bey looking less than content.

And basically, the entire internet is freaking out over it.

Sitting next to Jay-Z and Bey was Golden State Warriors owner, Joe Lacob and his wife, Nicole Curran.

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Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Nicole struck up a short conversation with Jay-Z, talking across Beyoncé to do so.

Obviously, this was a big no-no, according to Beyonce fans. One does not simply lean ahead of Queen Bey to talk to her husband.

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The whole thing being caught on camera made it 10x worse.

I get that Jay-Z was just named the first billionaire rapper and anybody would probably jump at the chance to talk to him.

YouTube | Paris Milan

But at the expense of disrespecting Beyoncé? Hell no.

Bey's facial expression was everything.

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This is literally the face of someone who just opened the fridge after a long day of work, ready to eat the leftovers they'd been dreaming about all day, only to find that somebody else got to it first.

Pure. Anger.

Bey out here lookin' like she is about to snatch a wig off somebody's head.

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But Nicole was fearless.

No shame.

She really went for it.

This is what people look like when they're screaming internally.

YouTube | Paris Milan

Bey is definitely appearing uncomfortable and heated AF.

Maybe that's Becky with the good hair. Who knows.

Once Nicole wraps up her conversation with Jay-Z and leans back in her seat, Beyoncé readjusts, shoving Nicole's shoulder.

Once Nicole wraps up her conversation with Jay-Z and leans back in her seat, Beyoncé readjusts, shoving Nicole's shoulder.

The shade was real.

Beyoncé also shared a photo from the game.

But she cropped Nicole out.

Yikes. Did she really feel like Nicole did her wrong, or is this just a coincidence for fans?

To be fair, the singer cropped out others, too. Let the gal have her pic with her mans!

Instagram | @beyonce

Leave it to the Internet to completely analyze and scrutinize e v e r y t h i n g that just doesn't need to be.

Beyonce fans flooded Nicole Curran's Instagram comments with bee emojis, in retaliation.

Instagram | @warriornicole

She was forced to disable her comments to avoid any further harassment from the Bey Hive.

In an attempt to smooth things over with fans, Nicole posted a photo where she appears to be fixing Beyoncé's hair.

Instagram | @warriornicole

"We should all help and support each other," she wrote in the caption.

But that didn't seem to put out the fire.

Instagram | @warriornicole

Fans raged on — tweeting their reactions, and turning the whole thing into a hilarious meme, as they often do.

Sorry, not sorry, Nicole.

Take the L and move on — just like the Warriors did last night.

Part of me definitely feels bad for Nicole.

But at the same time, if Bey doesn't like you, I don't like you.

That's just the rule. Everyone knows that.

Nicole did try to clarify the situation to the Beyhive in an Instagram comment.

But, I guess the Beyhive's buzz is too loud to really hear what Nicole literally just said in her comment.

Because of all the hate, Nicole has unfortunately now deactivated her Instagram account.

Soooooo, I think it's time for Beyoncé to speak on the matter, no?

Warriors vs. Raptors, game three, will go down in history as the night Beyoncé graciously had mercy on another person's life.

Let this be a lesson to all of you.

Moral of the story? You do not. I repeat, you do not cross Beyoncé.

Literally or figuratively. It will result in you getting canceled by her fans.

That's all. Have a nice day!

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