People Are Roasting This Engagement Ring That Looks 'Like A Vulva'

In today's world, marriage proposals only seem to be getting more creative and the same applies to the engagement rings people are proposing with.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean everyone is a fan of these new designs.

So naturally people made a Facebook group to ring shame the worst engagement designs they see.

Yes, there is actually a Facebook group dedicated to ring shaming.

"That's It I'm Ring-Shaming" is one of several FB groups using a variation of the same name and each has several thousand members.

One member posted an anonymous photo of this unique looking ring.


The gold ring features a tiny seashell in place of a diamond or gemstone.

Looks decent enough, right? Well, the ring-shamers felt otherwise.

After the ring was posted, people immediately called out the ring's familiar, ahem, shape.

"It almost looks like a vulva. But the one from the movie Teeth," one person commented.

Another wrote, "that's a p----y on a ring," and someone else even tweeted, "That's the most ghastly ring I've ever seen. "

This isn't the first time people have roasted engagement rings that look like body parts.


When one person posted their very quirky ruby engagement ring, people said it looked like a "prolapsed bum."

FYI, a prolapsed bum is when the rectum comes through the anus and turns itself inside out.

I'm horrified.

What do you think about these rings?

Personally, I'm not a fan of either one but I could easily see the seashell ring being perfect for someone who is quirky and loves the beach.

And after all, it's the thought that counts right?!