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Bikini Model Faces Backlash For Posting Photo Of Herself In Labor To Instagram

With the rise of social media, moms are free to share all aspects of parenting with their followers — even the birth of their children.

While these posts have captured and shared beautiful moments, some people think that moms should know when a post is just conveying a little too much information.

That's why one mom and Instagram influencer received a number of negative comments over a photo she posted while she was in labor with her second child.

Hannah Polites is an Australian model and Instagram influencer with 1.3-million followers.

Through her Instagram account, Hannah shares posts about her work and family life.

She has a very dedicated fanbase who love her photos and updates about life as a mom.

In December 2018, Hannah and her husband, Garth, announced that they had another baby on the way.

They staged this cute Christmas-themed baby announcement with their daughter, Evaliah. How cute! Congrats, everyone!

Of course, Hannah documented her pregnancy and growing bump on Instagram for her fans.

She shared this bikini bump shot at 30-weeks prompting her followers to try and guess as to what her baby's gender would be. Most said it was looking like a boy based on how she was carrying.

The updates didn't stop when Hannah went into labor, either.

She shared this photo of her family in coordinating outfits as they prepared to head out the door to the hospital.

Nothing seems to be off limits from criticism on social media these days.

While many of Hannah's fans were excited that the baby was on the way, others left snarky comments on her Instagram.

People criticized Hannah for taking and posting a photo while she was in labor.

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"Is taking the time to set up a staged photo for Instagram when you're in labour problematic?" said another commenter.

People thought Hannah had gone too far with this picture-perfect post, considering that most women do not look this put together when they are in labor.

Some were even making fun of this prepped and posed photo.

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Many were tagging their friends, playfully suggesting that they do the same as Hannah when they go the hospital.

However, Hannah's fans came to her defense.

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Fans pointed out that the photo could have been taken previously, or even during the early stages of labor before things get more intense. Either way, it's Hannah's choice if she wants to share this image with her fans!

She soon followed up those photos with raw black-and-white photos from her birth.

She announced that she and her husband had welcomed a baby boy with these beautiful photos. Congrats!

It looks like Hannah, Garth, and Evaliah couldn't be bothered by all the backlash.

Hannah recently announced that they have named their new addition Arlo. Welcome to the world, Arlo! I'm sure we'll be seeing you in our Instagram feeds soon.