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These 'Yoga Joes' Help Children Practice Mindfulness And Calm Down

One company has given a classic toy a much-needed update to help kids feel calm and practice mindfulness.

Yoga Joes are like those plastic toy soldiers we played with as kids, but they are positioned in common yoga poses.

These toys have proven to be very popular with collectors and parents alike for their awesome and zen message.

Introducing Yoga Joes!


These toy soldiers are similar to the plastic army men many of us played with when we were kids, except they are getting their downward-facing dog on and practicing yoga.

You can find these awesome army yogis on Amazon or the Yoga Joes website.


The set retails for about $30 and you get nine figurines in common yoga poses. If you're looking for a great military or yogi gift, pick up a pack of these!

There's also a line of Rainbow Joes.


These would be awesome to celebrate Pride month or to just add a splash of color to your desk. I need to collect them all!

Besides looking really cool, many parents on Amazon have said that Yoga Joes help their children practice mindful breathing to calm down.

"My 5 yr old son is really into "army guys" and we've been working on deep breaths to "calm the inner Hulk" for a long time. What better way to introduce yoga as a cool guy thing than these Yoga Joes?!" said one Amazon reviewer.

What an awesome idea! I think kids and parents alike would benefit from these zen toys.

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