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15+ Ways Only The British Could Protest Trump's Visits

As polite as they tend to appear, when the British don't like something or someone, they'll let you know. And when it comes to politicians, they'll unleash their creativity when they do it.

The first time President Trump visited the U.K. in 2018, protesters turned out in droves to greet him. It's no different the second time around, either.

Here are some of the highlights from the latest round of protests.

Holding back the good biscuits does seem like a thoroughly British way to express displeasure.

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She probably did offer him the good biscuits though, because the Queen is a proper host like that.

You know it's serious business when both the bakers and the knitters turn out.

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And they clearly prepared well ahead of time. How long must it have taken to knit a protest sign?

Yes, the Brits brought out their arts and crafts skills, not just their sign-making skills.

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I'm not sure if that's a papier-mache baby Trump or what, but it definitely looks like a lot to carry around all day.

Orange was definitely a theme at the protests.

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Whether it was the trademark Trump shellac or the prospect of a prison jumpsuit, you couldn't miss it.

These guys don't get many marks for color, but dang if they don't hit him where it hurts.

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Golf scores and popular vote, ouch! Trump spends a lot of time on his golf game...

Tube riders couldn't help admiring all the work that went into this protester's costume.

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I'm assuming that's supposed to be Putin on Trump's back. All the phones pointed his way is credit to this guy's work.

Musicians came out to the protest as well.

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They put their displeasure on blast.

Okay, this one got me.

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It shouldn't surprise me that the Brits can bring it with word play.

Out in Trafalgar Square, a robotic Trump sitting on a golden toilet showed up.

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Apparently this thing would shout out "Fake News" and "Witch Hunt" and fart from time to time.

There were some more coordinated and organized protests on billboards as well.

Courtesy of Led By Donkeys, a four-man protest group that gained attention for their Brexit billboard protests, some incisive tweets were posted around London.

Also, a comparison of the inauguration crowds for Trump and Obama were projected in Trafalgar Square.

Those crowds that Trump so famously argued were larger than they actually were.

And, after Trump suggested Boris Johnson would make a good prime minister, Led By Donkeys found some uncomfortable footage.

In which Boris bad-mouthed Trump, which they projected onto Big Ben for all to see and hear.

They dug up a tweet from Marco Rubio as well.

I guess there was a lot of material for them to choose from, especially from the 2016 primary season.

On the heels of the USS John McCain incident, Led By Donkeys also projected that ship's hat onto Madame Tussaud's.

Which should have gotten under Trump's skin quite nicely.

And if that didn't do it, surely comparing Trump's U.K. approval rating to Obama's would do it.

Those are some starkly different numbers.

Also thoroughly British? Pink Floyd.

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How could you not make the connection between Pink Floyd and the wall-obsessed Trump?

Okay, there's a lot going on here, but one sign definitely stands out.

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"We Shall Overcomb" is a solid pun.

And this guy pretty much hit the nail on the head for a lot of people's feelings.

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Two passionately held issues in one here.

This woman not only dressed in orange and styled her short blonde locks to look like Trump, but she also embroidered quotes made by Trump about asylum seekers.

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This is protest dedication!

"Mean Girls" quotes can never be left out of any situation.

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And these quotes are highly diverse — they work for any event.

Trump may not be sitting with the crowd, but he might be sitting with the Queen.

The names that Trump gives people that he is annoyed with or dislikes are reclaimed by this protester.

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This sign turns something made to be negative into a positive for those who are attacked.

This one is a bit aggressive, but stays true to English roots.

Obviously, the royal dogs are Corgis. I don't want to imagine that they could do something like this.

Even animals were in on the protest.

This dog came to push forward their platform.

I would vote for this dog any day!

And it wouldn't be a British protest without the baby Trump balloon.

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With all of its handlers wearing brightly colored vests identifying them as babysitters. And yes, the hat also says "Trump Babysitter" on the front.

Apparently even some of the bobbies appreciated the baby Trump balloon.

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I guess if the guy is going to stand around all day like that, he might as well take what enjoyment he can from it.