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Jill Duggar Opens Up About Her Sex Life And Tells Other Couples '3-4 Times A Week Is A Good Start'

Many couples struggle with keeping the fire alive, especially when children and busy schedules can really complicate things, but Jill Duggar has some advice for couples looking to spice things up.

In a new blog post, the star of TLC's Counting On opened up about her marriage and how she and her husband stay intimate. Her advice might surprise you!

You likely know Jill Duggar from the TLC shows "19 Kids And Counting" and "Counting On".

Jill is the second oldest daughter of the Duggar family and the fourth oldest of all the children.

Jill married her husband, Derick Dillard, in a televised ceremony in June 2014.

The couple is set to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this month. Congrats Jill and Derick!

Since their wedding, the couple has started a family of their own.

They welcomed their first son, Israel, back in 2015. Little Samuel joined the family in 2017. The Duggar family just keeps getting bigger! I've lost count of how many grandchildren Jim Bob and Michelle have now.

Besides appearing on "Counting On" and being a licensed midwife, Jill also has a very active blog where she writes posts about her faith and family.

In a new post titled "More Than Sex: How To Love Your Husband", Jill offers some advice to married couples on how to keep the romance alive in their relationship.

She advises couples to spend the first 15 minutes with your spouse tech-free.

And she really means just you and your spouse, so if you have any children, that means distracting them or sending them outside to play so the two of you can have some cherished alone time.

She also encourages couples to set aside time every week for date nights.

Now, this is definitely something we can all get behind. It's easy to forget about these little things when you get comfortable in a relationship.

One piece of advice has taken a few fans by surprise.

"Have sex often! You both need this time together regularly (3-4 times a week is a good start. lol)," writes Jill.

Jill also encourages women to dress up for their husbands to keep things fun in the bedroom.

"Get new lingerie (online is an easy way to buy!) as a surprise gift for birthdays, holidays, vacations or whenever!" she said.

Besides these tips on intimacy, Jill also suggests other ways for couples to stay close and connected.

These include having date nights, phone-free time in the evenings, and having meaningful conversations every night.

Since sharing this post, many of Jill's Instagram followers have chimed in with their perspectives.

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This Instagram user pointed out that intimacy will look different in every marriage, and they are absolutely right.

Some commenters were grateful for Jill's post.

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This Instagram user was thankful for the tips Jill gave, as she feels she and her spouse are struggling after many years of marriage.

While Jill does focus on physical intimacy, she also offers up some PG ideas for couples looking to add more romance.

Like, calling your husband a fun or sweet nickname and "give at least a 6 second kiss when coming and going."

However, some users thought Jill's "three-four times a week" suggestion was completely unrealistic.

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It's important to remember that Jill's advice is based on her own experiences and definitely won't work for each couple, and that's okay.

Others want to see Derick write his own version of this post.

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I think this is a great idea! It would be awesome to see some specific tips written for men on how they can help keep the romance alive. Derick, are you up for the challenge?