12+ Lazy People Who Have Life All Figured Out

There are times when I feel extremely motivated and pumped to get organized, do groceries, or even clean the house. But there are other times when I admit I feel utterly lazy.

If you're like me and you sometimes lack motivation or energy listen up. These lazy people have come up with clever ways to do life in the most efficient and easy ways. Check it out.

1. When You're Just Too Damn Lazy To Chop A Salad

Reddit | akwilliamson

Well, here's one way to eat it. Ha ha ha! When you're hungry, you're hungry. I get it.

2. When You Don't Want To Carry Your Kid

Reddit | TheCrackledOne

I just want to make one thing straight here, I don't condone this. If the bag rips, it won't be pretty.

3. When You're Too Lazy To Clean

Reddit | scarymum

"Put a baby wipe under each foot, and "skate" around...double points for tricking the kids that this is fun, to have them do it."

4. When You Don't Want To Buy Expensive Booze When Flying

Reddit | philosophicallyfree

Or go sober for that matter. Just stick to the liquid limit and you're golden. Didn't think of that.

5. When Your Flatmates Are Lazy

Reddit | K14gChris

This is why I never wanted to have roommates because when people get lazy and slack off I would have to do it.

6. When You Get The Dog To Do It

Twitter | @sophiebillo1

Too lazy to get up and bring your daughter something she asked for? No problem, just get Fido to do it.

7. When You Forget What The Eraser If For

Reddit | mattlo448

Or maybe this guy is just too lazy to erase stuff so he can write over it. Hope it comes off.

8. When You're Just So Resourceful

Twitter | @calltaflighter

OMG, this might just be a new low. I feel a bit bad for this mom. But then again, I would totally do this.

9. When The Hotel Staff Is Lazy

Reddit | Drajel

I think this totally defeats the purpose of having a salt and pepper shaker if you're just going to stuff packets in it.

10. When You're Too Lazy To Get Into That Christmas Spirit


So you just ride your neighbor's coattails. LOL! Wow, this is super funny and actually quite clever.

11. When You're Too Lazy To Replace A Broken Coffee Cup

Reddit | NoJelloNoPotluck

Just grab a rubber band and do a poor man's pour over. Hey, if it works, why not?

12. When You Invent A New Purpose For FaceTime

Wow, I have to say this is quite clever. I have to start using this trick because why not.

13. When You're Too Lazy To Stand Up


Why get all tried while standing to watch that outdoor concert when you can just do what this lazy guy did.

I think these people took the word "lazy" to a whole new level.

Now I don't feel bad about slacking off myself sometimes. LOL! Made me laugh for sure.