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Khloé Explains Why Tristan Thompson's Face Was Blurred Out On 'KUWTK'

Being a reality star means accepting that your life will be put on blast for the public. Personally, I love that idea and can't wait to become a reality star myself.

However, this idea can be daunting to some, especially to pro basketball players who love to cheat on their girlfriends.

Of course, I am referring to one TRISTAN THOMPSON.

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After he cheated on girlfriend and father of his daughter Khloé Kardashian not ONCE, BUT TWICE — he's been pretty much cancelled by everyone besides the basketball world.

Now the fun thing about reality TV is that it's a few months behind, meaning the currently airing season of 'KUWTK' was filmed back before Tristan cheated for a second time with Jordyn Woods.

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Meaning KoKo was still deciding if she was going to stay with Tristan after his first cheating scandal.

Last week on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" there was an emotional clip of Khloé telling Kourtney she doesn't know if she'll be able to stay with Tristan.


She confessed to Kourtney she wasn't sure about her future with the basketball player.

Tristan hasn't made an appearance on "KUWTK" this season, but has appeared on the show in the past.

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Him and KoKo did date for nearly three years after all.

However on last nights episode, it appeared Tristans face was blurred out.

Which is.... hysterical because we ALL KNOW WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE AND WHO HE IS.

When asked on Twitter about the blurring, KoKo apparently didn't even notice.

"You obviously know who it is LOL so I don't know what the point of that is" replied Khloé on Twitter.

She confirmed it wasn't her family who decided to blur his face out.

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"I'm not hiding his identity" she confirmed (and also, of course she's not???) lol.

The reason for the blur? Tristan must not have signed a wavier allowing his face to be shown on the show which is just WILD.

I hope we all can one day have the same type of fearless confidence as Tristan.