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Jeffree Star Dragged Kylie Jenner's New Skincare Line To Filth

Kylie Jenner has made quite the first impression with her new skincare line "Kylie Skin." People just cannot seem to makeup their minds about these dang PRODUCTS! Some reviews rave about the relatively affordable line, while others rip it to shreds!

Kylie Skin has been riddled with controversy since BEFORE it was even released.

It all started with Kylie's walnut face scrub, which fans were INCREDIBLY confused by.

Many fans were comparing the walnut scrub to the ever controversial St.Ives Apricot Scrub which has been cancelled by the beauty community.

Harsh exfoliants create micro tears in the skin and have been linked to severe skin damage over time.

Then, there was the launch party for Kylie Skin...

The event itself looked gorgeous and incredibly aesthetic. Pink, pink and more PINK? Absolutely.

However, the guest list for the party was *very* interesting.

Kylie's sister Kendall Jenner was not in attendance which left fans speculating that Kendall was unable to attend due to her tragic contract with Proactive.

Highly controversial YouTuber James Charles was also in attendance.

Instagram | @jamescharles

After Kylie unfollowed him in the aftermath of Tati Westbrooke's video, it seems the two have reunited.

AFTER ALL OF THIS, Kylie Skin finally launched for the people.

However, this arguably made things worse for the brand, lol.

Then a few days ago, Kylie went on Instagram to record herself washing her face with her "delicious" foaming facial wash.

Viewers were left completely speechless.

Kylie washed her face for aprox. seven seconds and then proceeded to wipe her face with a white towel which EXPOSED her.

Twitter | @kaypoetaa_

There was so much makeup on that towel... that is called A SCAM.

Also filming a skin tutorial with a heavy Snapchat filter is truly *wild* to me.

Twitter | @fathedkyn

We can't see anything you're doing but okay??

Many major YouTube beauty guru's have reviewed Kylie Skin.

Youtube | Patrick Starrr

Most notably, beauty guru Patrick Starrr gave the skincare line a rave review but some fans speculated it was because he was invited to the Kylie Skin launch party.

But now, another YouTube beauty guru has decided to tackle Kylie Skin and something tells me it *won't* be such a gag worthy review.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

That's because the review is coming from the queen of beauty shade, Jeffree Star.

Now let me make this clear, Jeffree has shaded Kylie quite a bit in the past.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

Jeffree has been removed from Kylie's PR list after ripping her Christmas 2017 brush roll to shreds which she TBH, deserved.

Jeffree also shaded her title of "youngest self-made billionaire" which she TBH, also deserved.

Twitter |

When shaded Kylie's title, Jeffree stepped in to joke he "declined the feature so they had to pick someone..."

Jeffree ALSO got involved in the Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson cheating scandal and dragged Kylie's sister Khloé while he was at it.

Youtube | Tea Spill

"Tristan? He's a cheating, lying piece of sh*t, we already know that, right? We already know that" said Jeffree to his millions of followers.

"For some reason, Khloé don't wanna really acknowledge that. You can't blame everything on Jordyn, miss thing."

So yeah, it's safe to say there's a bit of bad blood between the pair.

Instagram | @jeffreestar

Still, Jeffree claimed he was open to an honest review of the line!

Thankfully, his friend and fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson had purchased some for himself and pair decided to review it for their fans.

Instagram | @jeffreestar

Sidebar: Shane revealed he spent $265 on his Kylie Skin products which is beyond.

Jeffree also revealed an unnamed source gave him a goodie bag *from* the infamous launch party.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

With this information in hand, we're ready to get the party started!

"This is an honest review from a consumer" says Shane.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

Who continued "....this ain't it."

First up were the makeup removal wipes, which were described by Shane as "a little dry" to which Jeffree replied "BE HONEST, THIS IS A REVIEW!"

Youtube | Jeffree Star

"Just because someone's famous doesn't mean their products have to be great" remarked Jeffree.

Next up was the foaming facial cleanser, which made Jeffree's skin crawl, "I don't like that it has a fragrance. I don't think it should."

Youtube | Jeffree Star

When Shane joked he had so much cleanser on his face he couldn't breath, Jeffree replied "Kylie only did it for seven seconds, maybe that's why you can't breath."

Next up was the infamous walnut facial scrub, which left Jeefree's face feeling dry

Youtube | Jeffree Star

The scrub also left an unpleasant residue on his hands, leaving Jeffree groaning "GIRL, GET THIS OFF OF ME!"

After calling out Kylie for copying Japanese luxury beauty brand Tatcha's eye cream idea, Jeffree said "I don't feel great. It just feels kinda like basic, and I haven't felt that way in a long time."

Youtube | Jeffree Star

Jeffree also noticed there was an alcohol ingredient in the eye cream, which doesn't make sense as you'd wanna be hydrating your under eyes not drying them out!

Final thoughts? Shane said he would never use it again unless his house was on fire and it was the only skincare he grabbed. Jeffree said he would use it to clean up his dogs sh*t.

Youtube | Jeffree Star

"My face feels basic." concluded Jeffree.

Watch the shady and hilarious review for yourself!