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Kylie Jenner Definitely Just Shaded James Charles Amid The YouTube Controversy

In light of the recent YouTube drama orbiting James Charles, many fans and friends are turning their backs on him — including Kylie Jenner, apparently — which is seriously bad news for James.

This could definitely be the nail in the coffin for his career.

If you haven't heard the news yet, let me enlighten you.

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James Charles has nearly canceled himself after he betrayed his good friend and mentor, YouTube beauty OG, Tati Westbrook.

Tati Westbrook was a key player in jumpstarting James Charles' YouTube career.

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Since Tati was already a YouTube sensation, and founder of the successful beauty supplement company, Halo Beauty, when James was starting out, she took him under her wing.

She taught him all the tricks of the trade, negotiated deals for him, promoted his palettes on her channel, and most importantly, supported him as a friend.

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She even flew James out to her wedding to do her makeup for her.

She shared a 40-minute video to her channel explaining the entire story to her fans, and letting everyone know that their friendship was effectively over.

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She spilled some seriously hot tea in the process, revealing that James allegedly tried hooking up with a straight waiter, with total disregard of his sexual orientation.

James identifies as gay.

Basically, Tati's help as a mentor is what ultimately led to James' millions of YouTube subscribers.

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But when Tati asked him if he could advertise her company's products on his channel, he refused — claiming he didn't feel "comfortable" promoting supplements to his young fans.

But in April, James was seen promoting Sugar Bear Hair gummy vitamins, Halo Beauty's direct competitors product, on his Instagram story.

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Tati was gutted by the betrayal and decided to cut ties with James altogether.

James has lost a ton of fans and followers over this mess. But one of the most notable celebrity followers James lost was one he seemed to be quite close with on social media in the past: Kylie Jenner.

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James and Kylie first became friends in 2018 when Kylie reached out on Twitter, asking James to make a video with her.

They later worked together on two makeup tutorials, one of which was never uploaded due to technical issues.

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But in an interview, James shared that he and Kylie "instantly hit it off".

"Kylie was literally the sweetest, like the absolute nicest," he said... BEFORE THE SHADE.

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"I felt so comfortable working with her and she just walked into my house and was like an absolute angel. We instantly hit it off and got along so well."

But in light of the recent allegations made against James and the drama going on between him and Tati, Kylie doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with James.

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In 2019, the ultimate way to tell somebody you're done with them is to hit that unfollow button.

There is no greater passive aggressive shade one can throw.

We kinda love it though, tbh.

Kylie wasn't the only one to hit that unfollow button, though.

Demi Lovato, Emma Chamberlain, Kim Kardashian, Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Shane Dawson, Iggy Azalea, Andrea Russet, and Jeffree Star were among some of the followers he lost.

Jeffree Star not only unfollowed James, terminating their friendship, he even had a few choice words to say about him in a now-deleted tweet.

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He called James a "danger to society" after hearing how James allegedly tried making moves on a straight waiter.

He backed up everything Tati said about James.

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And when James' younger brother, Ian, tried to defend him, Jeffree got even feistier.

“Why is your brother a predator?? Why’d you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the [expletive] up," he wrote.

Despite James' recent teary-eyed apology video, his subscriber and follower count just keep getting lower and lower.

And let's face it. Kylie Jenner unfollowing James is going to cause a major ripple effect.

So yeah, we're all kinda worried about the state of James Charles' career. It's not looking good at the moment.

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But at least it can't get any worse, right?

WRONG. Sooo wrong. Screenshots, anyone?

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IN the past few days, James has been exposed for lying about how he originally met with Sugar Bear Hair.

His friend and fellow YouTube sensation Nikita Dragun posted screenshots on her Twitter thinking it would help James...

But all it did was further prove James was lying about his brand deal with the company.

Which was so tough, lol.

More screenshots came out about James hitting on musician Grant Landis.

Grant claims he felt super uncomfortable with the messages he was receiving from James.

Tati then posted yet another video last night, aderessing questions she has been asked since her first video dropped.

It's totally worth the watch.

She claims she made her initial video out of love for James, which she acknowledges may be hard for some viewers and for James himself, to understand.

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She also confirmed she will be taking a break from YouTube until further notice.

It's not all bad news though; James has an ally in fellow cancelled YouTuber Logan Paul!

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Ha ha ha, just kidding. This is LOGAN PAUL we're talking about.

He recently uploaded a podcast episode where he pleaded for fans to take it easy on James.

“Really think about what you’re saying, and really think about what a true ‘sexual predator’ is," Logan said.

“The kid is 19. Cut him some slack, please.”

SO now, we just wait. We wait to see what the future has in store for James Charles.

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Hopefully he is able to sister spin this scandal???