Unsplash | Samuel Zeller

This Woman Hilariously Recreates Celeb Outfits With Food And Other Low-Budget Materials

Some people really go out of their way to get that latest celebrity outfit as soon as they see it on the red carpet or in a magazine. But what if you didn't exactly have the budget for that?

Well, for one crafty and clever young lady in Thailand that doesn't seem to matter. Instead, she recreates celebrity outfits using her ingenuity and food. Wow, I gotta see that.

Since Sine Benjaphorn has a great passion for both cosplay and food she decided to incorporate them into recreating celebrity outfits.

And the results are fun and hilarious.

Wow, I love how she even took the color scheme and kept it the same with her version of the outfit.

And it pretty much is just as much fun as the original!

Ha, ha, ha, who needs a six-pack when you can have a meat pack instead, huh?

This looks like a fun costume she decided to take on.

Oh my, is that fried chicken I'm seeing?

If it is then it's giving me a serious hankering right about now. Other than that she looks so lovely.

Wow, that's a clever use of the pineapple shell.

That's like Prada vs. Pineapple. Somehow I think I actually like the pineapple look better. And it must smell great.

If you can believe it, she actually used durian to recreate this stunning look.

Wow, that's a lot of durian. Hmm, I don't think I would be so bold.

The texture of this original outfit is already quite unusual, so not to be outdone, Sine ended up using vermicelli for her amazing version.

Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that.

I hope they found ways to reuse this cabbage because that's a lot of it to make up a whole dress bottom.

But nonetheless, a unique take on this look.

Again, I dunno if I would use durian as my fruit of choice but to each their own I suppose.

She must be used to it, unlike me.

Oh my gosh, I'm not sure what any of these decorations are but they sure look like go well with this outfit.

Except for maybe the hair piece. LOL!

Who needs a puffer jacket when you can just make one yourself out of potato chip bags?

Not sure about the warmth but it's definitely an interesting look.

When you can't get Victoria's Secret wings then just use your imagination like Sine did.

She used Nescafe pouches to get this look. I bet it was so much lighter.

This outfit looks like it wouldn't be so strange being seen at the Met Gala.

After all, most of the outfits on that red carpet are already pretty crazy.

Wow, some of these outfits look like they must've taken a lot of time to make and a lot of food.

I hope she got to eat it, too.