Unsplash | Sai Kiran Anagani

Show Off The Summer Bod You Don't Have With These Fake Wet T-Shirts

It's summer and that means beach season. Or pool season, if you're like me and don't quite understand the appeal of the sand part of the equation. It is literally irritating.

Anyway, both options mean swimsuits, which means a ton of insecurity over having the perfect summer bod.

For all the #bodypositivity memes, most of us can't help but feel a bit insecure about our bodies.

Even those who have what pop culture has told us is the "perfect bod" don't always feel that way, regardless of their gender.

One Japanese company is solving the problem in an interesting way.


EkodWorks specializes in apparel that creates the illusion of something else, like this sweatshirt with a fake kitten in a pocket.

One of their latest offerings gives the subtle impression of a damp t-shirt.


We all know what happens when a white t-shirt gets wet and these ones make it look like you've got a serious summer bod underneath.

I mean, look at those abs!

The women's version even has a subtle fake bra, to keep things modest.


These are more funny than practical.

Still, they're fun, especially when you add the need for Google translate on their website. The women's shirt translates to: "A delusional mapping T-shirt with a faint view of the valley."

"The valley," huh?

The shirts retail for ¥3888, which is currently about $35 USD.


Which is a bit steep for a t-shirt, but it's a novelty, so those tend to be a bit more expensive.

What do you think? Would you wear an illusion shirt like this?

If so, you can buy your own over at EkodWorks.