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The YouTuber Who Botched Her Fake Freckles Just Tried Doing It Again

When you really love freckles you'll do just about anything to get them.

At least that's the case when it comes to this beauty blogger who can't seem to get enough of the spotted look.

Meet Naomi Jon.

She's a German YouTuber who regularly posts makeup tutorials and other beauty videos.

She's also naturally freckle-free but seems to have a really strong admiration for them.

Last year she went viral when she attempted to do faux freckles using henna.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

"I saw this video on Instagram ages ago where this girl gave herself permanent freckles with henna, I loved it," she said in the video.

Then after meeting the girl and getting an up-close look at her awesome faux freckles, Naomi decided that she would try to do the same thing.

Naomi met the girl in person.

Instagram | @naomijon

After meeting the girl and getting an up-close look at her awesome faux freckles, Naomi decided that she would try to do the same thing.

This is the girl in question.

Instagram | @uglysxegirl

Emilia is an influencer who rocks her own faux-freckle looks, and is something of an expert in using henna to achieve them, based on her multiple YouTube tutorials on the subject. Her 26 thousand subscribers seem to agree!

And the finished results look pretty realistic.

Instagram | @uglysxegirl

She says in the caption of the video that the freckles start off really light but get darker over time. The henna freckles last about four days.

They look just like real freckles.

Instagram | @uglysxegirl

No wonder Naomi wanted to copy this look — she looks so cute and naturally freckle-faced. Unfortunately for Naomi (and all of us freckle-less people), it doesn't work for everyone.

Check out her tutorial here!

But maybe see what happened to Naomi before you try to henna yourself some freckles on your own. One girl's beauty trick is another girl's beauty nightmare.

First, Naomi grabbed her semi-permanent henna and started dotting it all over her face.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

Within moments of applying it, Naomi notices that the henna is making her skin feel like it's burning.

"Oh, it actually burns a little bit is that normal?" she asks.

Then she admits that she's not even sure if she's allergic to henna.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

"I've never applied henna to my skin before," she says. "This is either really brave or dumb."

At this point, her face is mostly covered in little black dots of henna.

Well, it turns out her skin was, in fact, reactive to the henna and that's when the panic began.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

"Uh-oh, I feel like this is going to be such a fail," she says after giving her face a look-over in her mirror.

That's when she notices that there's something else happening to her skin now.

Naomi's face has now turned beet-red.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

"My skin is turning red underneath which is a very good sign. Very, very good sign," she says sarcastically.

Then things just go from bad to worse.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

Naomi's entire face turned red and the freckles looked more like blood than actual freckles. It kind of looked like she's been poked with a needle a hundred times.

When wiping it off doesn't work, she then tries to cover it in foundation.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

To Naomi's horror, she realizes that not even the foundation will hide this disaster.

Next resort? Search on Google "how to remove henna."

The only problem is none of those methods worked for her either.

By the end of it all, you can't help but laugh and also feel sorry for the poor girl.

"Don't do it. I regret everything," she says.

Well I suppose she didn't regret it that much because she tried it again.

This time around things seemed to work out in her favour.

She switched up her methods and it went a lot more smoothly than it did last time.

Her secret to success?

YouTube | Naomi Jon

She used the henna again but this time used oil as a protectant on her face and was able to achieve a more subtle and realistic look.

You would think that's all there was to it but that's where you would be wrong.

That's because she went ahead and did it AGAIN.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

I guess the third time's the charm with these things?

The YouTuber returned yet again with two more freckle-making methods to test out this time.

Unfortunately her second attempt at using spray-on hair dye didn't go so well.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

As soon as she sprays the product it leaves big brown splotches on her face making it clear that things aren't going to work out as planned.

"There is no way this is going to turn out into beautiful natural freckles," she says.

First, she attempted using a tattoo brow pencil to dot her face.

At first, it looked as though it might have ended up just as tragically as her first attempt.

Luckily after a light swipe of her makeup wipe, she reveals a smattering of realistic-looking faux freckles.

In the end though it seems Naomi was able to finally achieve the faux freckles of her dreams.

Her Instagram profile is filled with photos of the YouTuber flaunting her new freckles while rocking different makeup looks and they actually look cute AF.

What did we learn?

Instagram | @naomijon

So in short, the lesson here is that if you try and fail the first time, try and try again until your freckles look natural. Or something like that.

So if you want freckles and can't get them naturally, be careful!

Instagram | @naomijon

Makeup and henna freckles might seem tempting, but remember, you might look like this...

But you also might look like this.

YouTube | Naomi Jon

Just make sure you test everything you put on your skin to make sure you're not allergic, and you should be good to go.