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Couple Turns Old Grain Silos Into A Country Chic Bed And Breakfast

With summer coming up, I know many of us are planning a little vaycay or getaway. If you're looking for something truly unique that will speak to your rustic-loving soul, I have the perfect destination for you.

One couple converted the old grain silos on their farm's property into a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast. It's the cutest little B&B I've ever seen.

Abbey Road Farm is a unique bed and breakfast located on Carlton, Oregon.

Abbey Road Farm

The farm is owned by John and Judi Stewart who decided that the property's old grain silos would be perfect to convert into a bed and breakfast.

They refer to the rooms as the "silo suites" and they are full of rustic charm.

Abbey Road Farm

The silo suites cost about $185 a night to stay in and include a full breakfast. If the idea of sleeping in an old grain silo isn't your thing, there's also a ranch house available to stay in.

The suites feature stunning views of Willamette Valley's vineyards.

Abbey Road Farms

Sipping local wine while sleeping in a converted grain silo? Now you're speaking my language, people! Okay, I need to book a room ASAP!

So, what are you waiting for?

Did I mention that there's an adorable farm dog? Just when you couldn't love this place any more, am I right?