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Jessica Simpson's Newest Photo Of Her Daughters Has Fans Doing A Double-Take

Is there anything better than the bond between sisters?

I mean, sure, those relationships aren't always perfect. My sister and I have had more petty arguments than I'd like to admit, but no matter how much you fight with a sister, they are also your BFF for life.

Jessica Simpson loves sharing photos of her daughters to capture their growing relationship, but a recent photo she shared had fans seriously confused. Find out why people were forced to do a double-take.

As we all know, Jessica Simpson is a beautiful mama to three children.

She and her husband, Eric Johnson, welcomed their newest addition when Jess gave birth to their third child back in March — a baby girl named Birdie Mae. Congrats to the Johnson family!

Birdie is Jessica's second daughter.

Her oldest daughter, Maxwell, just turned seven. Jessica and Eric also have a son named Ace who is five-years-old.

Of course, Jessica can't help but share photos of these two sisters.

She actually announced Birdie's birth on Instagram with this beautiful black-and-white photo of Maxwell holding baby Birdie's hand. Too precious.

I guess it's no wonder that Jessica wants to capture so many moments between these two, considering how close she is to her own sister.

Jessica and Ashlee have been there for each other as they both battled the challenges of fame and through their journeys of becoming moms.

But Jessica's latest photo of Maxwell and Birdie had fans doing a double-take.

Jessica recently shared this pic of Maxwell holding Birdie and fans were seriously confused. With the vintage filter, they thought they were looking at a photo of Jessica and Ashlee as kids.

To be fair, Maxwell and Birdie do look a lot like Jessica and Ashlee when they were young.

The giveaway would have been the age difference (Jess and Ashlee are only four years apart). Maxwell definitely looks like a mini version of her mom, though! Maybe Birdie will take after her aunt?

Here's another throwback photo of Ashlee and Jess.

I can definitely see why people were confused. I guess those Simpson genes are pretty strong.

Online, people shared their disbelief over the photo and how confused they were.


A lot of people could have sworn that it was actually Jessica and Ashlee in the pic. Did Jessica pick that vintage filter on purpose to troll us?

It just goes to show you that moms and daughters can be exact doubles of each other.


Judging by what I've seen so far, I bet Maxwell and Birdie will be BFFs just like Jessica and Ashlee. They all seem to love each other so much.