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‘Blue’s Clues’ Is Being Rebooted And Our Nostalgic Hearts Can't Take It

For many of us, some of the greatest thrills we felt during our childhood happened while we were sitting on our couches, helping a green-striped shirt-wearing gentleman and his inexplicably blue animated dog solve mysteries.

We didn't have much else going on, obviously, but there's no denying the fun we had while we watched the kids' show, Blues Clues.

We tuned in every day to help the perpetually upbeat Steve follow a series of clues left by his pup, Blue.

How did we identify these clues? Well, by spotting a blue paw print of course! Thankfully Blue was super helpful and laid out a pretty easy-to-follow trail for us and Steve.

Armed with his "handy-dandy notebook" and an house full of talking inanimate objects, Steve guided us on a mystery-solving crusade from 1996 until his departure from the show in 2002.

After featuring a new host for another four years, the show was officially canceled in 2006.

Now, more than 10 years since the world bid farewell to Blue and her constant mysteries, the show is coming back with a new host, but lots of familiar faces, Buzzfeed News reported.

The first trailer for the reboot just dropped on Wednesday and we got our first look at the new show.

In the video for the show, which is now called Blue's Clues & You, we meet our brand new host, Filipino-American actor Joshua Dela Cruz, whose work includes several Broadway shows (most notably as an ensemble actor in Aladdin and as the understudy for the title character himself.)

The trailer also shows us some very familiar faces inside the house.

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Magenta, Blue's faithful purple-puppy companion, makes an appearance, as well as the Felt Friends. Blue herself is obviously returning, albeit as a CGI dog this time around, rather than her previous animated version.

So, it definitely seems like this reboot will be a healthy mix of new and old, satisfying enough of our nostalgic love for the show with updates for the kiddos who will actually be watching it.

People are already sharing their feelings about the new show, even though adults aren't exactly the target audience.

Some are adamant that Blue's Clues should not be rebooted and are passionate in their claims that the original, featuring actor Steve Burns, is clearly the best.

"Nope nope nope," one user wrote. "There's only one TRUE [Blue's Clues]."

Others are much more open to change and have expressed their excitement over the show's grand return to TV.

"My nostalgia is running off the charts," one user wrote. "This used to be my favorite show as a kid...I hope it can be that for the kids of this generation, as well."

At the end of the day, while we did grow up with the OG Blue's Clues, this new one isn't for us. It's for a new generation. So our opinions really don't matter, so long as the show teaches children the same amazing values of kindness, friendship, and love, that it taught us.

And as long as they keep in the "mail time" segment because that is a treasure.

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