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Ikea Releases Rainbow Edition Of Its Reusable Bag For Pride Month

There are some designs in history that are so iconic, we wouldn't dare think of changing them. Like the classic McDonald's arches or Mac's apple logo. However, sometimes even the most iconic designs need an upgrade for a good cause.

Case in point: Ikea has revamped their classic reusable totes in a vivid rainbow pattern for Pride Month and they are beautiful. Also, no assembly required for these bags!

If you're like me, then you plan your trips to Ikea in the same way you plan a dream vacation.

I could seriously spend days in an Ikea and it's probably a good thing that I don't because I would buy the whole store if I could.

And what do you use to shop during those epic trips?

The iconic Ikea shopping bag, of course! These reusable and durable bags come in blue and yellow versions and they also double as the best laundry bags you'll ever use.

For Pride Month, our favorite DIY furniture chain has released a rainbow edition of the bag.


Ikea first introduced the bag in 2019 to mark Pride Month. For 2020, Ikea has made the bag available online for purchase where it retails for $2.99. They renamed the bag STORSTOMMA to differentiate it from the everyday FRAKTA bag we all know and love.

Best of all, these bags will be helping LGBTQ+ individuals.


Proceeds from the bags' sales will be donated to local LGBTQ+ charities. What an amazing cause and a good reason to buy this bag. I think I need, like, 20 of them, tbh.