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James Charles And Kylie Jenner Could Be BFF's Again Since He Just Canceled His Tour

James Charles has had the come up of a lifetime this past month. May did not start off super well for James after a huge feud with his former BFF Tati Westbrook, but he has truly popped off since posting his redemption video.

And if all of this makes zero sense to you, please click here.

A few days ago, James announced he had cancelled his controversial tour.

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The tour was under a lot of scrutiny due to the insanely high ticket prices.

The "SISTER TOUR" promised to be "an evening full of beauty, music and personal conversation with James."

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When announcing the tour cancellation on his Snapchat, James assured everyone it was his choice to cancel, not anyone else's.

"I do want to make it very very clear...I made the decision to pull the tour. This is a hundred percent my decision."

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He continued, "None of the venues pulled out, none of the brands that were gonna be sponsoring it pulled out and keep in mind, it was almost completely sold out."

Well damn sister, pop off then!!! James cited personal reasons as to why he cancelled his tour, and of course, this makes total sense.

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James also claimed he is planning on taking a step back from social media for a while and reconnect with friends and family.

While James may be planning to leave social media behind, it can not leave HIM behind as he was just spotted at the Ace family's birthday party for their daughter, Elle.

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The Ace family is incredibly problematic and it's a super weird flex that both James and Kylie Jenner were there, but alrighty.

Kylie and Stormi were obviosuly looking hella cute.

Has a baby ever been sweeter than Stormi? I don't think so.

Sister James was there ready to sing and perform "Happy Birthday" for the crowds.

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Also please note he is rocking his OWN merch at the party.

Pop off, queen.

Here's James and Kylie sitting and chatting as a bunch of stuffed animals performed for the kids.

Did I mention James was wearing his own merch, lol.

Now this isn't the first time these two have been spotted together this week...

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James was invited to Kylie's skincare launch party where he was spotted getting friendly with Kylie AND Kris Jenner.

Kylie infamously unfollowed James after Tati's initial "BYE SISTER" video, but it's clear now that these two are still sister solid.

And we love that for them.

I'm curious to see what's next for James, and what sister steps he will take in the future!

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I'd love to see another Kylie KOLLAB on his channel soon, and since he doesn't have his tour to worry about, WHAT'S STOPPING HIM?!